To celebrate bother Styles' significant win at the BRIT Awards 2021, we've pulled with each other some exceptional facts around the singer. Harry may be among the greatest stars top top the earth right currently - what with being a hugely effective solo artist, actor and also even television presenter - yet he come from quite humble beginnings prior to auditioning for The X factor in 2010.

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Of course, us all understand that he went top top to be one-fifth of One Direction together with Liam Payne, luigi Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. Here are some rather weird and wonderful facts around Harry indigenous his 1D work - it is in warned, a most these room from his time in One Direction and therefore might be a little old, yet it's a bit of funny all the same!

Find out facts around Harry Styles...

1) harry Twitter surname is

2) Harry to be voted the 18th hottest hunk that 2012 by readers of warmth magazine, making him sexier 보다 Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Steve Jones and Robbie Williams.

3) Before huge school, harry attended a pre-school referred to as Happy Days.

4) Harry no it when human being bite caps off glass bottles.

5) Harry has actually a pair of cool an abilities - juggling and also playing the kazoo!

6) take care of counts popular music megastar Rihanna as one of his biggest fans. RiRi said the Mirror, "Harry, yeah. Ns watch your videos and I psychic thinking, 'Wow, he's a star'. He seems an extremely sure. That seems, like, it's so organic to him."

7) Harry had arguably the least imaginatively named pet ever before – a pet hamster referred to as Hamster.

8) new Zealand singer and One Direction super pan Kelsy Karter got a tattoo of harry Styles... On her FACE. But this to be later discovered out to be a hoax!

9) back he’s had actually a variety of pets, his very first one was a dog referred to as Max.

10) bother suffers indigenous Ophidiophobia - a fear of snakes.

11) bother openly admits he is a little bit clumsy. In fact, he is dropped his shades under the bog not once, yet twice! he tweeted, “Dropping her sunglasses under the restroom is a mistake you would certainly think that you'd discover from. Supposedly not.”

12) In may 2012, Harry offered a signed charity wristband because that a whopping £9,010 on eBay. When worn by Harry, the wristband was component of a think In Magic revenue – a charity the spreads magic to seriously and terminally ill children with experiences to do their lives happier.

13) In September 2018, harry turned his hand come modelling, taking part in a campaign for Gucci wherein he cuddled increase to miscellaneous adorable farmyard animals. Cute!

14) Harry has well over 500 pan pages top top Facebook. Impressive!

15) Harry no a large fan of autotune. The reckons it doesn’t fit his voice.

16) Harry has got 4 NIPPLES. In enhancement to the normal pair, he has two tiny ones further down his chest.

17) bother suffers from Somniloquy – otherwise recognized as sleep-talking!

18) On harry 18th birthday, there were almost 100 different trending topics around him top top Twitter. Popular!

19) Harry shares his birthday with Outkast rapper huge Boi and also Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

20) harry suffers bad from hay fever. In July 2011 that sarcastically created on Twitter, 'I Love Hayfever… It’s my Favourite Thing.'

Harry Styles' doppelgänger

21) Whilst take care of has had a variety of doppelgängers in the past, the most recent is a young lad who works in Starbucks the end in America! In January 2020, a video went famous on video-sharing society media website TikTok that a Harry formats doppelgänger that works in ~ the famed coffee shop.

The video shows a team of friends going v a Starbucks drive-thru in America whilst blasting the end Harry's new single 'Adore You', before the bother lookalike mr his head the end of the home window to offer his customers.

Harry Styles: facts on dating

22) Harry’s an initial girlfriend was called Emilie – he to be 12-years-old once they began going out.

23) Justin Bieber insurance claims that one of the greatest stars in music fancies Harry. The Canadian called the Mirror, "I already know among the greatest artists in the human being thinks harry is for this reason hot, but I have been sworn to secrecy." it’s rumoured to it is in Rihanna!

24) Harry’s biggest turn turn off in a girl is swearing. Alongside swearing, Harry’s other pet hate in a girl is smoking.

25) Harry says he wouldn’t date a girl if she didn’t get on with his family.

26) Cheryl Tweedy once asserted to have seen take care of in his underwear. She said Sugarscape, "Harry? I've viewed Harry in his boxer shorts. Harry's a small brother type, but I obtain it; the girls go crazy for him - and also the women."

27) Harry claims that his fans’ mums frequently make philosophies for the after gigs! the told the Mirror, “The fans have the right to sometimes get very graphic and there are a few mums that hit ~ above us.”

28) Rita Ora as soon as admitted to having actually a crush on Harry. The songstress to be left embarrassed as soon as her friends do the revelation in an interview with MTV Push. Rita commented afterwards, "That’s no my just celebrity crush. I just say that because they’re little."

29) Harry has actually a like on Adele. He as soon as said in ~ the BRIT Awards the she’s the one star he’d many like to snog there. He added, “I’d day Adele! She renders me walk weak in ~ the knees.”

30) Harry has admitted to having a huge crush top top Frankie leg from The Saturdays.


Harry Styles' favourite music

31) harry Styles’ favourite tune of all time is ‘Free Falling’ by man Mayer. He also loves ‘Shine ~ above You stunner Diamond’ through Pink Floyd. Harry when said his can be fried 1D tour bus anthem is ‘Lego House’ through Ed Sheeran.

32) Harry’s music heroes are Elvis, Coldplay and also The Beatles. He stated of the Fab Four, “They are absolute icons and also an inspiration.”

33) harry’s favourite album is ‘21’ through Adele.

34) The an initial gig Harry ever before attended to be Nickelback in Manchester.

35) The most-played track on harry’s iPod is ‘Paradise’ through Coldplay.

36) harry’s favourite love track is the ultra-soppy ‘Lady In Red’ by kris de Burgh.

37) Elvis Presley's ‘The Girl that My finest Friend’ was the an initial song he ever knew all the words to.

38) The one human being Harry would like to duet with – dead or lively – is Coldplay frontman chris Martin.


Harry styles on The X Factor

39) prior to auditioning because that The X Factor, Harry to be the frontman of the tape White Eskimo i beg your pardon featured his college friends Haydn Morris, Nick Clough and Will Sweeney.

40) take care of hasn’t constantly wanted to be a singer. Before he took part in The X element he had actually ambitions to be a lawyer!

41) harry’s favourite X variable moment was singing on the charity single ‘Heroes’ (a cover of the David Bowie classic). The track got to number one in the UK and also Ireland and raised 10s of thousands of pounds for armed forces charity aid The Heroes.

42) before his life changed forever on The X element Harry had actually a part-time job at the W Mandeville Bakery in Cheshire. The shop had actually Harry posters and banners plastered over it throughout his time top top the ITV show.

43) when on The X Factor, Harry had actually a large crush on referee Cheryl. He is joked that his 'man crush' is louis Tomlinson!

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Facts about Harry formats in One Direction

44) top top One Direction’s debut album ‘Up every Night’, harry gets simply over seven minutes of solos – the many out of any One Direction member.

45) It to be Harry who came up v the band name One Direction.

46) He also hates it when his 1D bandmates to speak the ‘f word’.

47) Harry commemorated reaching Number 1 in America through ‘Up all Night’ by... Buying a MATTRESS!!

48) according to his bandmates, harry is the greatest schmoozer in One Direction. Liam Payne called the Mirror, "Harry has loads of an enig celebrity phone numbers and we find out around them later. We'll view something in the papers and be like, 'What's walk on here?' and also he'll be like, 'Oh, it's Gary indigenous Take the or whoever, don't worry about it.'"

49) together is the bromance in between Harry and Louis, countless fans fuse your names with each other to develop Larry Stylinson!

50) as soon as ‘Up all Night’ got to number one in America back in March, Harry defined the moment as a “dream come true.” that said, "We just cannot believe that we room No.1 in America! It's beyond a dream come true for us. We want to say thanks to each and also every among our pan in the us who bought ours album and we would also like to say thanks to the American public because that being so donate of us."

51) bother has had a variety of missiles thrown in ~ him in ~ 1D reflects – including bras, knickers and even a tampon! Yikes!

52) Harry supplied to vomit prior to performing live with One Direction because of nerves. Very sewing his stomach has settled nowadays!

53) At school Harry’s nickname to be Hazza. Liam is the just 1D member to contact him it.

54) In early on 2012, Harry play an ace prank his bandmate Zayn Malik. Once Zayn to be asleep, Harry shaved his initials ‘H.S.’ ~ above his leg! Zayn told Twist newspaper it “wasn’t also attractive.”

55) If he wasn’t in One Direction, take care of reckons he’d be training to it is in a physiotherapist. Inquiry what that be approximately without his lucky break, take care of said, “I constantly wanted to be a physiotherapist and also before I was in the band, ns was studying, for this reason I’d probably be functioning hard and also studying for that.”

56) Unsurprisingly, take care of loves his job. He says, “You can’t wish because that things favor this (being a pop star). You can not sit and also imagine the you actually obtain to do this job. If I had to call it a job, climate this is my job, and also I love mine job.”

57) Harry has joked that if every the 1D members chosen the same girl they would fight for her. That told height of the mister magazine, “I don't think we have liked the very same girl yet together we all have actually quite different taste in girls, so we don't come throughout that problem, i beg your pardon is great. But if that were come happen? Fisticuffs!”

58) Harry as soon as said that the ideal thing about being in 1D is "getting to travel the world with your best friends and also having fun."

59) harry has got a star tattoo ~ above the within of his left arm. Each suggest apparently represents a member the One Direction.


Harry Styles' favourite things

60) Harry support Manchester United.

61) harry absolutely loves gaining naked. That said, “Stripping turn off is an extremely liberating, i feel therefore free.”

62) Harry states he would certainly happily date a fan! once asked he said, "Yeah definitely, due to the fact that if you like someone, you prefer someone. If lock a fan it shouldn’t make any kind of difference."

63) Harry has actually two favourite color – orange and also blue.

64) Harry secretly loves chick flicks and also his favourite movies space Love Actually, Titanic and also The Notebook.

65) harry likes to remain fit by play tennis and badminton in his spare time.

66) harry favourite pets are turtles. A huge fan of animals, he also loves cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and also even pigeons.

67) take care of cites David Hasselhoff as one of his biggest heroes.

68) If Harry had one supermacht it would certainly be come time travel.

69) harry’s favourite non-alcoholic drink is to apologize juice.

70) harry motto in life is “work hard, play hard, it is in kind.”

71) harry favourite foodstuffs are sweetcorn and also tacos. He hates olives and also beetroot.

72) harry’s favourite computer system game is FIFA.

73) among Harry’s favourite phrases is, “Keep the readjust you filthy animal.” The heat is from a fictional gangster movie referred to as ‘Angels v Filthy Souls’ that Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) the town hall in the 1990 film house Alone.

74) harry is big fan of supercars. He as soon as splashed out on one Audi R8 Coupe and while on tour in Los Angeles, he drove a £195,000 Ferrari. He likewise drives a selection Rover that price him £15,000 come insure. Ouch!

75) take care of is a mummy’s young! His mum ann Cox told warm magazine, “Sometimes, that phones up to 5 times a day. As soon as there’s a time difference, he has tendency to message saying, ‘I love you, Mum,’ or ‘I miss out on you’. He is still my tiny boy.” Bless!

76) Although he’s partial come a much more mature lady, Harry states he’d never date anyone older 보다 his mum. She 51.

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Harry Styles' hair

77) Harry desire to shed his trademark curly locks however no-one will certainly let him! He when said, “I want to cut my hair off, and also no one will certainly really allow me. Everyone’s telling me no to execute it. And my argument is, like, ns think my popular is in my face, and not my hair.”

78) harry hair hasn’t always been curly – the was right from as soon as he to be born until the end of primary school.

79) Harry to be pictured in September 2019 sporting a much flatter hairstyle and a moustache!

80) However, a year later in October 2020, Harry sent the internet into meltdown once he to be spotted with shorter hair, comparable to his look at in 2017 for his duty in Dunkirk!