Find below a complete list of cereals surname (a.k.a names of grains) in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada. This is basically a grain list that also contains the surname of millets in some Indian languages.

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This exhaustive cereals list includes names of miscellaneous grains or cereals in English and also some an ext Indian languages. I have actually also noted the names of the cereals flour and the other commodities derived from this cereals. Smaller images of these cereals are also displayed in this nottard list.

Cereals room an integral part in Indian cuisine. Cereals are dubbed as anaj in Hindi. Both various form of grains and millets loss in the broad category of cereals. Millets, amaranth, quinoa are normally seeds and are referred to as as pseudo grains.

In India, us make so numerous dishes through a range of cereals. When rice and wheat type the bulk of the grains that room consumed, millets are also eaten for their wellness benefits.

Many the the cereals and also millets choose wheat, rice, finger millet, pearl millet, sorghum and so on are ground to flour. Many varieties of flatbreads space made from this flours. Roti or chapati is a staple made from totality wheat flour in numerous Indian kitchens. Other than we additionally make flatbreads with sorghum flour, finger millet flour, rice flour, pearl millet flour, buckwheat flour etc.

In fact, plenty of dishes room made choose puddings, fried breads, halwa, ladoo, idli, dosa, uttapam etc. Cereals are high in carbs wheres millets are a good source that proteins, carbs and fiber. Do include them in your meal because that their wellness benefits and likewise to support the regional farmers.

While buying grains or cereals, ensure the they space in their shelf-period and also are complimentary of any insects or fungi like moulds etc. When feasible buy essential if you can.

You can likewise make your very own homemade flours by grind these seed in a residential flour mill. Homemade flours are so great and much much better than packaged flours.

Store the grains and their flours in dried containers. Ensure the the grains and also the flours room moisture-free and also dry. Place a couple of leaves that tej patta (Indian bay leaf), some cinnamon sticks and also a couple of cloves to minimize the hazard of infestation by insects. This helps the grains and flour to be maintained for a longer period of time.

In the table below, the an initial column is composed of the snapshot of the cereal. The staying columns room for the names of cereals in the miscellaneous languages.

I have additionally mentioned if the serial or seeds is gluten free. The cross (X) shows that the serial is not gluten-free. Tick note (√) shows that the grain is gluten-free.

The English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil translations have actually been excellent by me. For an ext names in other languages, I have actually referred the publication – contemporary Cookery through Thangam Philip.

Please execute read the comments section for an ext information.This cereal list is best viewed in a laptop browser.When browsing in a mobile, role the table from left to right.

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Cereals Names

CerealEnglishHindiMarathiTamilTeluguKannadaGluten free
Broken wheat,Cracked wheatDaliaLapsiGodumai ravaiGodhuma ravaKuttida godi, godi raveX
Whole wheat flourAttaKaneekGodumai maavuGodhuma pindiGodi hittuX
All purpose flour,Refined flourMaidaMaidaMaida maavuMaida pindiMaida hittuX
Cream that wheat, semolinaSooji, sujiRavaRavaiRavaRavaX
VermicelliSeviyan, sevai, sevShevayaSemiyaSemiyaSemigeX
Corn, maizeMakai, bhuttaMakkaMakka cholamMokkajonaMekke jolaX
Dried cornMakai ka danaX
Corn meal, polentaMakai ka daliaMakka ravaCholam ravaMokkajona ravaMekke jola ravaX
Maize flourMakai ka attaMakyachePeethMakka cholam maavuMokkajona pindiMekke jola hittuX
BarleyJavJauBarli arisiYavamBarliX
RiceChawalTandoolPacha arisiBiyyamAkki
Parboiled riceUkda chawal, sela chawal, arwa chawalUkda tandoolPuzhungal arisiUppudu biyyamKusubalakki
Beaten rice, parched rice, rice flakesPoha, chiwra, chidwaPoheAvalAtukuluAvalakki
Puffed riceMurmura,KurmuraMurmureArisi poriBorugulu, murmuraluMandakki,kurlari
Rice flourChawal ka attaTandlache peethArisi maavuBiyyappu pindiAkki hittu
Tapioca, sagoSabudanaSabudana
Cassava or tapioca flourCassavaMaravalli kizhangu mavKarapendalamMarageanasu
Amaranth seedsRajgira, ramdana
Amaranth flourRajgira atta
BuckwheatKuttu, kootuKuttuKotu
Buckwheat groatsSabut kuttu
Buckwheat flourKuttu ka atta
OatsJai, javie
Pearl milletBajraBajriKambuSajjaluSajje
Sorghum, miloJowar, juar,JwaricholamJonnaluJola
Finger milletMundal, makra, manduaNachniKizhvaraguRaguluRagi
Foxtail milletKangniRalathinaiKorraNavane
Little milletKutkiSava, halviSamaiSaamaSaame
Barnyard milletSama, samvat, swang, vrat ke chawalVarai, vari,KuthiravaaliOdaluOodhalu
Kodo milletKodonKodraVaraguArikeluHarka
Arrow source flourArra root, araruta, paniphal
Water chestnut flourSinghare ka atta
FoxnutsMakhana, phool makhana

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