Is over there anything that indicates that a "host" (noun- e.g. Organize of one event) is a male? Is over there anything avoiding a female indigenous being organize (as opposed to a hostess)?

In context: An organization holds a weekly event. Among several representatives from the organization hosts each event, and also both genders room in the group of potential hosts. Thus, is it adequate to to speak "please call your host..." or would certainly this be unreasonable considering few of the representatives are female?


The answer come this may well be dependent on the neighborhood culture.

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In the UK, I definitely would not assume that a host is male.

Moreover, if using words hostess, i would possibly be cautious of context for the reasons noticeable from the interpretations in Chambers Dictionary:

hostess noun 1. A woman host. 2. A woman employed together a man"s companion because that the evening at a night club, dance hall, etc. 3. euphemistic a prostitute. 4. An wait hostess.

Thus, part female hosts may well prefer not to be described as a hostess.

Additionally, the first an interpretation given for host is:

host noun 1. Someone who entertains guest or strangers in his or her own home. (emphasis added)

Thus confirming that host is an appropriate term irrespective of gender.

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Trevor, but, in ~ least, have the right to there it is in a sense of sadness when using "host"s to describe a hostess? Also, if there room two "host" and you call "HOST!", a man and also a woman, who of lock feels referred to as for fist?
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-- original answer rewritten and qualified --

Host is initially from the Old French hoste which consisted of both masculine and feminine in the general sense. Its female form, hostesse, was restricted to society contexts. Contemporary American mostly complies with suit (host, hostess).

In brief - organize is sex neutral. But.

While hold is technically neutral that does have a masculine implication in contexts whereby hostess is appropriate and is used, as in "host and also hostess."

To qualify my original point, in contexts wherein hostess is appropriate the existence and also common intake of the word hostess would imply to your audience that as soon as you use the word host you are referring to a male.

For completeness, i should suggest out that hostess is still clearly used in social settings. Googling an excellent hostess (with filters to eliminate the baked goods Hostess and the hospitality industry) will return 20,700,000 results.

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I would more than likely use hostess just in the joking, but free phrase the hostess-with-the-most-est.

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