A medical ID is recommended to anyone who is diagnosed or is at threat of lymphedema. Lymphedema is most frequently caused by the remove of or damages to lymph nodes as component of cancer treatment. Once a person has actually lymphedema, it reasons a blockage in their lymphatic system, leading to abnormal fluid buildup or swelling.

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Patients diagnosed with lymphedema are at risk of significant complications like emerging an epidemic or Lymphangiosarcoma, a rare type of soft organization cancer. This is why a medical ID is recommended to anyone who has lymphedema or at threat of emerging it. Put on a medical ID can avoid serious complications by alerting responders, doctors, nurses, and also other healthcare professionals of lymphedema.

There is no cure because that lymphedema, yet it deserve to be controlled by diligent care of impacted arms or limbs.

"Consider to buy a lymphedema medical alert bracelet the will assist remind clinical personnel which next to avoid for particular procedures." - TLC Direct, American Cancer Society

Avoidthe adhering to routine medical care on influenced arms or limbs:

Blood testsBlood drawsBlood press checksVaccinationsIV injectionAny procedure or test that requires needle insertion

These measures may reason infections and also lead come lymphedema symptoms for patients who have or room at hazard of lymphedema.

“Avoid blood push cuffs, needle sticks, injections, or actions on the impacted limb. Wear a lymphedema alarm bracelet.” –Vascular Cures

Who"s atrisk the Lymphedema?

Lymphedema have the right to be primary or secondary. Primary lymphedema is a rare, inherited condition caused by Milroy"s an illness (congenital lymphedema), Meige"s an illness (lymphedema praecox), and Late-onset lymphedema (lymphedema tarda).

Secondary lymphedema is led to by any type of condition or procedure that impacted lymph nodes or lymph vessels such as:

SurgeryRadiation treatment for cancerCancerInfection

Source:Mayo Clinic

MedicalIDs and also Lymphedema in Emergencies

In case of one emergency, wear a lymphedema medical alert bracelet or necklace. It"s crucial to notify medical healthcare professionals such together emergency responders, doctors, and also nurses the lymphedema"s existence or risk.

Any part of the human body at hazard of lymphedema is also at hazard for severe and also potentially life-threatening infection. Using clinical id jewelry can communicate necessary lymphedema-related precautions to medical personnel, also if a patient cannot speak or end up being unconscious.

"A medical bracelet deserve to let medical specialists know about risk for lymphedema. This might keep them native doing things that may make ede worse." -Winchester Hospital

What come Engrave ~ above a Lymphedema medical ID


An emergency clinical ID for lymphedema should easily alert responders the lymphedema and also the danger thereof. Personalized custom engraving can include necessary precautions and also identify the influenced arm or limb, and other medical problems or allergies.

A lymphedema medical ID should incorporate the complying with information:

NameLymphedema - identify impacted arm or limbLymphedema alarm - this armLymphedema threat - ideal legLymphedema - this sideLymphedema precautions deserve to be engraved as:NoBP/IV/NeedlesNo blood pressure, no IV, no needlesRight eight - no needles, no BPNo needles or BP in this armNo needle, no bp on left arm

Emergency contacts

"If you have lymphedema, you may want to wear a lymphedema alarm bracelet. These arm bands are worn come protect civilization who have lymphedema native receiving treatment such together blood pressure readings, injections, or blood draws to their affected limbs. These treatments might make their conditions worse." - Michigan Medicine, college of Michigan

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