Amy stated she to be a "kissogram" in The Eleventh Hour. I"m American and also not well-educated in british slang so i was just wondering what exactly that was....

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Amy defined it.It"s a party gag.The Doctor: Also, what kind of project is a kissagram?Amy: i go come parties and also I kiss people... V outfits... It"s a laugh!The Doctor: You were a small girl 5 minutes ago!Amy: You"re worse 보다 my aunt!The Doctor: I"m The Doctor! I"m worse than everybody"s aunt! : and also that is not just how I"m introducing myself.
a Kissogram is someone who goes round to parties and also clubs dressed together charecters or people and also kisses men/women. In this instance Amy would certainly kiss males dressed up as she was dressed as a police women
Um, it"s kinda choose a stripogram (do you recognize what that is?), yet she only kisses people. "I walk to parties and I kiss people. V outfits."
I'm guessing a "stipogram" is prefer what we contact a stripper? So then a kissogram kisses world for money?
I am no an expert either. However, ns think a kissogram is someone who attends a party and kisses a male member of the party, put on provocative attire (?).
Well... Its type Of Awkward. Yet Its Someone that Dresses up As somebody (i.e Police, Nurse) and also Goes come Clubs, Snogging arbitrarily People. Yeah...

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Have you ever before heard the a singing telegram? It"s the exact same sort the thing, only with a kiss. Someone pays you to provide a post to who else, with a kiss.There"s a little section on kissograms on wikipedia. Simply scroll down: link
“A kissogram is a message ceded via a kiss, usually arranged as a funny surprise for a person for a special occasion, celebration, particular day, etc. Article deliverers have the right to be hired either by themselves, or as part of one agency.“A Kissogram or Kissing telegram is generally presented by a masculine or female performer dressed in a costume or uniform such as a policewoman or nurse or french maid or nun. Popular throughout the civilization in the 1980s, they have actually now been largely replaced through strippograms or strippers.”
A person dressed in a sexy costume that delivers a blog post to someone and also gives them a kiss for money. Kind of choose a prostitute. Amy put on a sexy police costume, some civilization wear sexy nurse costumes, some sexy clown costumes, etc..
A Kissogram was a message yielded by a guy or woman paid to do so, which associated the messenger flirting with and kissing the recipient. It described both the message and the human delivering it
A kissogram is A man/woman that goes locations and/or parties and also kisses civilization to obtain paid and also because he/she enjoys it
A kiss a gram is technically simply a stripper. That sorts yes, really she simply dresses up in a sexy outfit and also kisses people
She states it later in the episode yet she walk to parties dressed increase as different things and also kisses people



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