As girlfriend know, the most an easy piece of devices is the bamboo knife in kendo. The kendo stick dubbed shinai. Shinai is constructed of four shafts of separation bamboo, bound v a animal leather grip and cap, and also leather thong wound 3 times approximately the shafts, every tied together by a nylon chord (back string; tsuru) to run from reminder to hilt. Additionally, a ring hand safety is slipped end the grip and also held in location by a rubber holder. The tip of the shinai is described as the kensen(sword tip). The striking surface ar of the shinai, dubbed monouchi(valid part), is the an initial one 3rd of the shinai visible from the fixed (tsuka) to kensen. When striking a target you have to strike v this part of the shinai in order for the strike come be thought about valid.

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Choose a great Shinai

The photo above screens not just a point, but likewise a very an excellent shinai

as soon as you select your shinai, you need to think about not just length and also weight yet also great balance and types such together thick or thin grip

What makes a good shinai?

The most vital thing is the it is both strong and flexible. If you placed the pointer of a shinai ~ above the floor and shot to bend it, climate it have to bend about a 3rd of the way from the tip (around the leather thong), in ~ the location you usage to strike your opponent. Friend should have the ability to feel it advertise back. A weak shinai will bend approximately the guard. The point at i m sorry the shinai bends is the suggest where it releases power when you strike. When you strike through a weak shinai it will certainly bend prefer a stick native the guard to the tip and then whip back much more powerfully 보다 the armor deserve to protect. The can likewise pierce the mask-grill and hurt your opponent and also may reason you to hurt your very own wrists and also elbows.

Regulations for usage of bamboo sword (shinai)

These space the current International Kendo Federation (FIK) regulations for the shinai.

Shinai is sweet complete, yet without safety (tsuba) and also guard holder (tsuba dome).Maximum diameter of security is 9cm.

Regulations for use of One sword (Itto)

 gender Grade School Junior High School High School College - Adult
length malefemale 99cmmaximum 105cmmaximum 111cmmaximum114cmmaximum 117cmmaximum 120cmmaximum
weightmale 260gminimum 280gminimum 370gminimum 440gminimum480gminimum 510gminimum
female 400gminimum420gminimum 440gminimum
diameterofsakigawa male      25mmminimum 26mmminimum 26mmminimum
female       24mmminimum 25mmminimum25mmminimum
  3.2 3.4 3.63.7 3.8 3.9

Regulations for usage of 2 Shinai

    long sword short sword
lengthmalefemale 114cmmaximum 62cmmaximum
weightmale 440gminimum 280-300g
female 400gminimum250-280g
diameterofsakigawa male 25mmminimum24mmminimum
female 24mmminimum 24mmminimum


The over is a snapshot of a distinct bamboo sword that is supplied to exercise the waver to build power. It is composed of 6 or 8 shafts of separation bamboo. This is much bigger and heavier than standard shinai.

Please practice Safety because that You and also Your Partner

Here is a scary story that human being have shed their sight and also even your life once a cracked item of bamboo pierced your eyes. Please don’t make one more bad and sad story.All you have to do is begin off v a fine shaped shinai and look after it carefully.

Maintenance of the Shinai

Proper care must be given the shinai come ensure the security of your kendo player.

The leather grip (tsukagawa) should not be loosened and sliding around.

The animal leather thong (nakayui), likewise, need to not be loosened and sliding up or under the pillar of the shinai.

Make sure that the leather cap (sakigawa) is not torn or comes apart.

Most importantly, make certain that there space no splinters or crack in the bamboo. Huge cracks or breaks will necessitate instead of the damaged slat or instead of the shinai entirely. When you have actually some splinters or a tiny split, disassemble the shinai completely first. Scrape the splinters off v firm strokes from the bottom using a knife. If you destruction from the optimal down the blade might dig right into the bamboo. Next use some sand paper to smooth the surface. Make certain you round out each piece of the shinai well, and then later on finalize the procedure by oiling the shinai or placing a little wax. Over there is unique oil accessible from kendo devices vendors, but a light vegetable oil will certainly suffice.

Note: If the bamboo actually splits (with or against the grain) you must stop using it. The is dangerous come tape that up and keep using it.

How to carry the Shinai

It is way in kendo to make sure that you lug the shinai inside a devoted bag. Many bags can hold native 1 come 3 swords. Some have actually a shoulder strap. Bags have the right to be do from numerous materials such together cotton, leather, or silk, etc. They come in many colors and also designs or you have the right to make her own! simply make sure you don"t carry about the shinai naked... Let us at the very least maintain the structures of kendo manner.

Disassembly the the Shinai


(1) ease or untie the animal leather thong.


(2) Untie the Cord.


(3) traction the leather guideline off v one hand, if holding the bamboo slats together with the various other to keep the rubber reminder in place.


(4) Take turn off the leather Hilt.


(5) your shinai should now look prefer this: (Normally you only need to completely disassemble the shinai come smooth or change a entirety slat.)

Removing Splinters From your Shinai

Scrape the splinters off v firm strokes indigenous the hilt towards the tip, utilizing a knife,file or a fixing tool. If girlfriend scrape from reminder to hilt, the blade might dig right into the bamboo.


Next usage some sandpaper to smooth the surface. Ultimately rub in a little wax, Vaseline or vegetables oil.


Fixing the Shinai Tip

If the shinai cord is broken, you need to replace it. Once you have to replace the cord, you should know just how to tie the cord as shown below.






Tie the Cord to the fixed (Hilt) Leather

(1) happen the cord v the `leather loop" on the hilt; object it earlier through the komono.

(2) happen it under the node in the hilt"s leather loop and also pull the tight.

(3) pull the cord tight with your appropriate hand while you organize the komono down with the left.

(4) pave it round the loop. Tie the once.

(5) wrap it round the loop. Tie it once.

(6) Finally, usage an awl to make a an are between the 2 branches of the loop and pass the cord through.

See picture Below!


Tying the leather Thong (nakayui)


Wrap the ‘thong" twice round the shinai stormy side up


Thread that under the cord and cross the back.


Thread under the cord native the other side.


Loop that round and also under the critical loop.


Again loop it round the cord, cross over and also pass it under the last loop.


Repeat this when more, then reduced off any excess leather.

Wooden Sword

The wood sword offered in prearranged sword creates such as kendo kata exercise or others. That is called bokuto or bokken which means wooden sword. Choose the shinai it need to be treated with respect. In addition, because it is do of solid wood it deserve to be attention if not tackled properly. Never ever swing the bokken at another person because that "fun".

The tip of the bokken is additionally called kensen . It has a tight (tsuka), safety (tsuba) and guard holder (tsuba dome). The proper striking part is additionally referred to as monouchi (valid part). The ridge lines to run the length of the political parties of the sword are dubbed shinogi .


The bokken is offered in prearranged develops practice (kendo kata) the employ parry and deflection approaches using the shinogi.In the below very first and second photographs present special varieties of bokken called suburito(sword for swing practice) used mainly for suburi(swing). They room bigger, heavier and also lack a tsuba. The 3rd and 4th are the standard set used in kendo kata and represent the long and also short swords lugged by samurai.

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If you want to save the bokken clean, obstacle oil ~ above the body of the sword, no the handle, native time come time.