Would you prefer to understand what street you have to be jumping in the triple jump in high school?

We’ve shared some estimated distances in the table below.

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Boys triple jump distances

1312.50 metres
1413 metres
1513.50 metres
1614 metres
1715 metres or more

Girls triple run distances

17 13.00m

In the comments below, please share your personal best and also how old you are. Allow us recognize what distance you space hoping to achieve this athletics season.


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Protect yourself from injury in the triple jump.

One that the common injuries that triple jumpers acquire is a bruised heel. When you get this, it renders it more difficult to enhance your triple jump performance due to the fact that you will obtain pain every time girlfriend land on your foot. And also it will certainly knock her confidence.

To assist minimize the danger of obtaining a bruised heel, girlfriend can acquire heel defense insoles for her shoes.

Heel protector cup

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Asics triple jump pro athletics shoes

Specialized triple jump shoes will provide you included protection and also comfort on her foot and also especially around your heel. If you space doing triple jumps that call for you to manage alot of force on her jumps (Typically when you start jumping over 13 metres), climate you will should invest in triple run spikes.

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Improve your triple jump training.

Improve her triple run (For beginner only)

Improve her triple jump

If you space fairly brand-new to the triple jump, this ebook will aid you with training insights to acquire you come the intermediary level quickly. Girlfriend will absolutely improve through at least 30 cm, however you have to see yourself boost by 1-2m end the following 12 months.

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Elite-level triple jump

World course triple jump training

If you are intermediate or progressed in triple jump, climate you will desire the knowledge and guidance from elite-level triple jumpers and coaches.

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A time to jump.

A time come jump

Learn about the mentality from triple jump civilization record holder Jonathan Edwards in his book “A time come jump.”

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Fuel because that sprinters.

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Sign approximately learn more about the exercises, drills, and techniques that will help you success in the triple jump!