Converting a fraction to that is decimal style is a very simple and basic thing come do. In this article, we"ll present you specifically how to convert the fraction 6/24 come a decimal and also give girlfriend lots and lots of instances to help you.

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Looking for fraction to decimal worksheets? Click right here to see all of our free portion to decimal worksheets.

The two main ways to express a portion as a decimal are:

With a calculator!Using lengthy division.

The simplest technique is obviously to use a calculator. It"s quick, and easy. To present a portion as a decimal you division the top number of the fraction (the numerator) by the bottom number (the denominator) and also the result is the portion as a decimal.

Let"s look at a quick example of this by using the fraction 624 and converting it come decimal utilizing a calculator.

As you have the right to see, in one rapid calculation, we"ve convert the portion 624 into it"s decimal expression, 0.25.

If friend don"t have a calculator, you can present a portion as a decimal using good old fashioned long department instead.

(Note: because that the purpose of this article, we always calculate to 3 decimal places)

With the long department method, the totality number in ~ the top is the answer, and also the bottom number is the remainder:

There space other methods for converting fractions into a decimal version but it"s really unlikely girlfriend will ever use something that is no a an easy calculator or a long division method.

Why transform 6/24 come a Decimal?

We often discover ourselves wanting to convert a fraction like 6/24 right into a decimal since it permits you to stand for the portion in a way that have the right to be easily understood.

In your everyday life you will uncover yourself working with decimals much much more frequently 보다 fractions, and also this teaches your mind to understand decimal numbers.

So, if you should do any type of common arithmetic favor addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication, converting 6/24 right into a decimal is a an excellent way to carry out those calculations.

Another advantage to mirroring 6/24 together a decimal is together a comparison. It"s very easy come compare two decimal numbers and see i beg your pardon is greater and which is smaller, yet when you have actually fractions with various numerators and also denominators that is not constantly immediately clear when you compare then.

Both fractions and also decimal numbers have a location in mathematics though, because fractions are easy to multiply, deserve to express bigger decimal number easier, and also it"s crucial to learn and also understand just how to transform both from portion to decimal, and also from decimal come fraction.

Practice portion to Decimal Worksheets

Like many math problems, converting fountain to decimal is something that will gain much less complicated for girlfriend the more you exercise the problems and the much more you practice, the much more you understand.

Whether you space a student, a parent, or a teacher, friend can create your very own fractions to decimals worksheets utilizing our fountain to decimal worksheet generator. This completely complimentary tool will let you create completely randomized, differentiated, portion to decimal difficulties to assist you v your learning and understanding the fractions.

Practice fractions to Decimals utilizing Examples

If you want to continue learning about how to transform fractions to decimals, take a look in ~ the quick calculations and random calculations in the sidebar to the best of this blog post.

We have listed some that the most typical fractions in the fast calculation section, and also a selection of totally random fractions as well, to aid you occupational through a variety of problems.

Each article will present you, step-by-step, exactly how to convert a fraction into a decimal and also will help students to really learn and understand this process.

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Convert Another fraction to Decimal Number

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