What is a percentage Calculator?

There room a variety of tools that can be helpful in not only understanding but checking answer in mathematics. A percent calculator is one such device that calculates the portion of a provided number and displays the result.

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How is the portion calculated?

To find the per cent of a number, we compose the every cent as a fraction with denominator 100 and then main point by the number.


Find 15% of 20


15% of 20

= (15/100)x 20

= 3

The same value can be checked utilizing the online percent calculator.

How walk a percentage calculator work?

The percentage calculator below is precise tool that permits calculating and checking the portion of a number. Because that instance, you desire to examine whether the price in the example is correct or not.

How to usage the percentage calculator to inspect this?

Check package that says – What is ______ % the _______


The answer displayed in the blue box is our answer, i.e. 50%

Let us recognize it by an additional example.

Suppose, in the first of English, you acquired 80% marks, if in the second test you managed to score just 60%. What would be the percentage adjust in this case?

Follow the same steps as in the ahead example.

1. First, discover the difference between the 2 numbers, with the initial value being subtracted native the brand-new value. In this case, the initial worth was 80 when the second value to be 65. So, we uncover out the distinction in these two values the comes out to be –

60 – 80 = -20

Note the an unfavorable sign in the difference. This indicates that over there is a decrease in percentage.

2.Now, divide this difference by the initial portion value and multiply the an outcome by 100. In ours example, this worth is 80.

So, we will divide the difference 25 by 50 and also then main point it by 100. So, us have

(-20/80)x 100

= -25%

Hence, the percent change, in this case, is -25%.

Let united state now inspect the exact same using the percent calculator.

If we desire to inspect the over example utilizing the percentage calculator, we would put 80 in the very first box and 60 in the second box.

The shown in the blue crate is our answer, i.e. -25%

Benefits of utilizing a percentage calculator

A percent calculator have the right to serve many purposes in your day-to-day calculations.

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It help you to check your answers when attempting inquiries related come percentages. It enables you to execute calculations much faster when running out of time.It help you to discover the percentage change and recognize whether there is boost or a to decrease in percentage.