If you favor to round 142 to the nearest tenth, leaving only one number after ~ the decimal point, then you have come to the best post.

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In this post you can uncover the result presented together text, image and also in the output field of our rounding calculator.

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tenths (1 decimal) hundredths (2 decimals) Thousandths (3 decimals) Ten Thousandths (4 decimals) hundreds Thousandths (5 decimals) Millionths (6 decimals) Ten Millionths (7 decimals) hundred Millionths (8 decimals) Billionths (9 decimals)
This rounding Calculator is yes, really Cool! Click come TweetOur calculator ring 142 come the nearest tenth using the continual rounding rule as defined on our house page; if you explicitly wish to ring up or under you deserve to do therefore making your selection in the mode drop-down menu.As one aside, space you perhaps interested in taking our rounding quiz?
Next, we define the rounding.

142 Rounded come the Nearest Tenth

To ring 142 come the nearest tenth think about the hundredths’ worth of 142, i beg your pardon is 0 and also less 보다 5. Therefore, the tenths value of 142 remains 0.

142 rounded to the nearest tenth = 142.0The adhering to table contains starting numbers close to 142 rounded to the nearest 10th.
NumberRounded come Nearest 10th


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