L>edHelper.comName _____________________________ date ___________________ (Answer i would # 0640369)MoneyWrite the lot of money in decimal form.

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____________________Rewrite the quantity of money in decimal form.3.nine dollars and sixty-six cents____________________4.eighty-one dollars and also ten cents____________________5.fifty-two dollars____________________6.one dollar and also seventy cents____________________7.five cents____________________8.eight cents____________________Rewrite the lot of money in decimal form.9.1 twenty-dollar bill, 3 nickels, 7 dimes, 5 quarters____________________10.4 five-dollar bills, 4 quarters, 2 dimes____________________11.2 ten-dollar bills, 6 dimes, 9 nickels____________________12.3 twenty-dollar bills, 3 quarters, 1 dime, 4 pennies, 1 half-dollar____________________13.1 one-dollar bill, 2 quarters, 5 pennies, 8 dimes____________________14.6 quarters, 6 nickels____________________

Compare and write >, 15.1 one-dollar bill, 6 dimes, 1 nickel, 9 pennies1 one-dollar bill, 1 half-dollar, 1 quarter, 1 dime, 5 pennies16.4 twenty-dollar bills, 1 ten-dollar bill, 6 one-dollar bills, 7 quarters, 10 dimes, 2 nickels, 7 pennies4 twenty-dollar bills, 1 ten-dollar bill, 8 one-dollar bills, 1 quarter, 1 dime, 4 nickels, 13 penniesShow every amount utilizing the fewest variety of coins.17.65___ pennies___ nickel___ dime___ quarters18.41___ penny___ nickel___ dime___ quarter19.84___ pennies___ nickel___ dimes___ quarters20.37___ pennies___ nickels___ dime___ quarterShow every amount utilizing the fewest number of coins and also bills.21.$2.78___ pennies___ nickels___ dimes___ quarters___ one-dollar bills22.$4.47___ pennies___ nickels___ dimes___ quarter___ one-dollar billsMake change.23.65___ pennies___ nickel___ dime___ quartersUse specifically 4 coins24.72___ pennies___ nickels___ dimes___ quartersUse specifically 6 coins25.49___ pennies___ nickels___ dimes___ quartersUse exactly 15 coins26.23___ pennies___ nickels___ dimes___ quartersUse precisely 5 coins

Make change.27.$0.53___ pennies___ nickels___ dimes___ quarters___ one-dollar billsUse exactly 5 coins28.$4.20___ pennies___ nickels___ dime___ quarters___ one-dollar billsUse specifically 3 coins and also 4 billsCompare and write >, 29.$1.45$7.3330.$55.77$55.9731.$2.32$2.2232.$13.68$13.8633.$81.69$111.6934.$9.04$8.14Round to the nearest dollar.35.$73.5636.$4.4537.$624.4738.$237.8739.$3.7940.$73.6341.$551.9042.$767.3143.$25.18Round to the nearest ten dollars.44.$681.9645.$821.0446.$33.4847.$28.4948.$3,625.5149.$6,772.6350.$799.2851.$80.7052.$60.55

Round come the location of the underlined digit.53.$9.5654.$54.1955.$27.7356.$7.3757.$98.8158.$9.4259.$5.5460.$51.6861.$7.54Solve.

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Ryan make a screen for the institution library. He supplied three sheets that poster plank for the display. It cost $2.30 for the three sheets. He offered the salesperson $5. Exactly how much change did the get?
Sydney likes to chew bubble gum. Monday she bought 2 packages of bubble gum because that $1.30 each. She gave the salesman $5. Exactly how much change should Sydney get?
Kevin went to the circus. When Kevin gave the salesperson $10 because that his ticket, he gained 3 dollars, 2 quarters, and 4 pennies for change. Exactly how much to be the ticket?
Shelby had a collection of eco-friendly rocks. She discovered a beautiful green rock in the museum store. The rock price $2.30. She offered the salesperson $3. Exactly how much adjust did she get?