John Price is speak to of Duty: modern-day Warfare’s key protagonist. Transparent the contemporary Warfare sub-franchise, carried to united state by Infinity Ward, the projects have seen some amazing characters come and go, yet one has remained continuous throughout - Captain Price.

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Since his an initial day, his partners and comrades the Task force 141 have added many trials and also tribulations to Captain price story. But with numerous of them now fallen to the hands of antagonists Makarov and Zakhaev, the story of a brilliant leader and also charismatic hero rests top top the regret of a 2-inch inaccuracy and a life time mission the vengeance.

We are first introduced to Captain Price in contact of Duty: contemporary Warfare (CoD: 4) in the mission ‘F.N.G’, where he recruits then-sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish’. But Price’s storyline starts much earlier than that and also is portrayed in arguable the best mission of contact of Duty history, every Ghillied Up. Ko veterans will understand this together the can be fried stealth and also sniping mission, but this mission is the foundation for the entire contemporary Warfare storyline.

every Ghillied increase | picture via to work

All Ghillied increase is set 15 years before the storyline set in speak to of Duty: 4, in 1996, where Price is tho under the mentorship the Captain MacMillan. Sweeping with the wastelands that Chernobyl, the pair weave through long grass, duck under tanks and also take out full military teams with your snipers, in bespeak to range a 40-story structure to get a vantage point for one assassination. The male on the receiving end is Imran Zakhaev, who is the key antagonist transparent CoD: 4. ~ Price and also MacMillan set up your vantage point, Zakhaev turns up to his trade of Uranium because that nuclear weapons, you, playing as Price, take the shot. The snipe takes Zakhaev’s arm, just a few inches indigenous a fatal wound to the chest, and also the pair fight off right into the distance thinking it to be mission complete.


However, the narrow miss out on was no the end of the Russian Ultranationalist, together he stumbles right into a van with predecessor Makarov and also then-ultranationalist Yuri. Zakhaev endured the shot and also sparked the battles which would proceed in the modern-day Warfare campaigns.

We all dropped head end heels because that Captain Price throughout CoD: 4 and the rest of the contemporary Warfare storyline, as his bonds with Soap, Ghost, Roach, Sandman, Gaz, and also Yuri confirmed that not just was this guy a true battle hero, he was a brother too. The usual Hollywood war-film protagonist the fanbases idolise. And we every do.

But end the course of ko 4, MW2 and also MW3, Captain Price ends up through a the majority of blood top top his hands because of the failure assassination, and also his brotherly bonds room filled with regret, particularly when they all fall.

Captain john "Soap" MacTavish | image via work

One of those comrades is Soap. When the two meet in F.G.T, Price soon mocks his nickname and also lays under the law of who boss.

“"Right… What the hell type of name is Soap, eh? How"d a muppet choose you pass Selection?"

However, Price and also Soap form a duo that stays together v all three campaigns, saving each other’s lives on many occasions. The pair team up with Task force 141, and hunt Zakhaev down throughout CoD 4, where they were destined come be eliminated by the Russian, after ~ the bridge they to be chasing the on was blown up by an aircraft. As the lay heavily wounded top top the floor, Price slide Soap his pistol, and the remainder is history. Together Soap kills turn off Zakhaev because that good, ko 4 ends through Captain Price watch dead.

In contemporary Warfare 2, we found this was no the case, as Soap rescues prisoner #627 indigenous the ‘Gulag’, which transforms out to it is in Price. After being captured by Makarov and the Russian Ultranationalists, Price was sent to rot in the Gulag, till Soap rescued him three years later. Through business back to usual, Zakhaev’s arrangement had to be passed come Makarov, who was raining hell on earth, and the united team progressed to take it him out, lastly tracking him come a safe residence on the outskirts of Moscow. V the team securing an essential intel, Roach and also Ghost retract to one evacuation point, wherein you all recognize the rest. A bullet from Shepherd to every of castle saw 2 of Price’s closest friend’s dead, in a battle which could have to be avoided need to Zakhaev have been killed 18 years back.

Soap lastly Killing Shepherd come Avenge Roach and also Ghost

With Makarov escaping, civilization War Three broke out in MW3. Price’s squad was down to three, and also himself, Soap and also Yuri had tracked under Makarov come Hotel Lustig in Prague. In another assassination attempt gone wrong, Makarov learnt that the arrangement to death him, and also rigged the meeting as an ambush, setup explosives to kill both Soap and also Yuri, both of who tumbled 40-or-so feet from a window, leaving Soap in a crucial state. Yuri and Price fight through the streets of Prague dragging Soap on your shoulders, to lay him under on a table, at some point to happen away. For the an initial time in the three instalments of contemporary Warfare Captain Price loses control and breaks down, returning the pistol that saved their lives ago to Soap, as a sign of repentance to his fallen brother. Prices dearest girlfriend was dead, and the Russian Ultranationalists that he need to have damaged claimed an additional of his squad.

The end of MW3 observed Captain Price and also Yuri save the human being from the Russian threat, but Price’s story wasn’t over. Even though he to be a decorated soldier and also saved the planet, his only remaining believed was to end Makarov and also cure his seething lust because that vengeance. Ultimately tracking Makarov down to a hotel, the race began to death him, as Price and his new protégé Yuri turned increase in Juggernaut suits. Chasing the Russian to a helipad top top the roof, Price brings down the helicopter that was evacuating Makarov, crashing it earlier onto the roof, which they both survived. In a gyeongju to a single pistol, Makarov wins and aims down the barrel at price, till Yuri placed a cartridge in his side, and also is rotate on and also killed. Price’s final teammate had died, and also all because on a bullet the was a couple of inch off earlier in all Ghillied Up.

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Price at some point smashes Makarov through the ceiling, through a wire about his neck to death him. As the project finishes, Price lamp a cigar and also can only be assumed to reflect ~ above his fallen brothers, concluding the sad story of Captain Price and his fail assassination.