chapter 3: in chapter 3 Max goes back to the down under. He thinks about how freak dubbed him earthling and also why since it spooked max. As soon as max to be thinking, he suddenly gotclaustrophobic, therefore he goes out side come his back yard. As soon as he is out side that notices freak waving his crutch at a tree in his earlier yard. Max sees he is do the efforts to gain something the end of it. Freak goes ago by his house and grabs a wagon. The takes the wagon ago to the tee, gets right into it, and tries to obtain the object the end of the tree again. Max knows also in the wagon freak still can"t with the object. Max tries come sneak in freaks back yard but he watch max. Max doesn"t to speak anything, gets the object of the the tree, and asks freak if he want it back. He offers it ago to freak and also he tells max it"s one ornithopter. Freak tells max come watch and also he wines up the ornithopter and lets it fly up in the air. Max and also freak play through it for an hour before it breaks. Thing 3 an introduction by garrett macedo Chapter 6: In chapter 6 the boys room going to the pond to watch the fireworks, yet they room stopped when Tony D. Tony is a poor kid who`s been to Juvy four times that asks them if lock have any M80`s ~ above them however freak ignores him and also tells Max to disregard the Cretin. Witch reasons a commotion however the cop cars chase off Tony and also his gang. Lastly they gain to the pond and watch except freak can`t check out so Max decides to lift him up and puts him on his shoulders. EveryonegoesOOHandAAHthat is except for freak that was making all sorts of stunner words come out of his tiny mouth every time a fire occupational blew up. At the finish of the present everyone make the efforts to leaving at the same time therefore they to be stuck there for a while.Chapter 15: in thing 15it"s Christmas eve and everyone is having dinner. Freak and gwen came overto max"s houseto eat dinner through grim, gram, and max. Notalked about how max"s dad acquired out that jail. Gwen and also freak were all dressed up. Gwen to be wearing a blue blouse with a lengthy black shirt and freak was wearing a fit jacket.they ate dinner and also were all full. ~ dinner grimtold stories about when the wasyoung and also he acquired lumps of coal because that Christmas. Afterthe stories everyone gained to open one present. Grimgot a wooly sweater, gram gained a shell necklace do from shells approximately the world,freak gottools to develop stuff, gwen walk a scarf, and max gained freaks dictionary. Everyone goes residence after all the current opening for this reason grim, gram, and also max walk to bed. When max turned off he lamp he felt huge hands end his face. Thing 15 review by garrett macedoChapter 16: In chapter 16 Old Killer Kane is in Max`s room. He tells him to put on some cloths and also come with him. Once they get to the new testaments were Kane is do the efforts to get it`s earlier at Loretta and Iggy`s House. As soon as there inside Iggy fries up some hamburgers and also Max and Kane eat them. When they are finished Iggy says he can present Kane this ar when he wants to watch it, and he says now is goodIn chapter 21 lock all have to go to the police terminal then to the hospital and finally earlier to the police station. After informing his story virtually a thousands times, castle go ago home other than MaxDOESN"Tsleep in the down under. Max has to sleep top top thefold out.

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Freak walk the hospital every month currently for his tiny check ups and every time Max asks him just how long until his large procedure FreakDOESN"Ttell him. In the end Max has togo come the trial yet Grim gets a phone contact that speak him Killer Kane has actually been sent for his initial sentence add to ten years.
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