For numerous women, their makeup look at isn"t complete without lipstick. They make certain to apply some color to your lips even if they room not using any kind of other cosmetics due to the fact that it have the right to instantly do their confront look much more polished. Lipstick is famous not only because it improves your organic beauty but likewise because that helps stop your lips native chapping by giving a protective barrier. Countless lipsticks likewise include a sunlight protection variable (SPF) to save your lips from the sun"s harmful ultraviolet light ray (via Yoga Journal).

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Aside indigenous the aesthetic element, there"s additionally a emotional reason behind the popular of lipstick. A study performed by researcher at the Edith Cowan university in Australia found that attract lipstick boosts a person"s confidence. " is perceived by ladies as an essential component in their daily grooming ritual and is taken into consideration by numerous as a necessary enhancement to their deals with to feeling presentable, comfortable, and much more confident," the writer of the research said.

While many of us love attract lipstick, it"s a struggle to keep it on because that a lengthy time. This is since you have tendency to eat her lipstick while you space talking, licking her lips, or eating and also drinking. According to beauty Bakerie, throughout their lives, women who wear lipstick ingest about four to ripe pounds of that on average.

Keep reading to understand what wake up to your body once you eat lipstick.

The risks of eating lipstick

Lipstick eventually disappears from your lips since you unknowingly eat it. You can think lipstick is not authorised — after ~ all, it"s a cosmetic the goes on your mouth — but science states otherwise. According come a study lugged out by researchers at the college of California, Berkeley (via eco-friendly Health Perspectives), lipsticks and also lip glosses contain toxic chemicals, such as cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, and various toxic steels (via WebMD).

Katharine Hammond, professor of eco-friendly health sciences at UC Berkeley, called HealthDay News that levels of toxic chemicals consisted of in lipsticks and lip glosses "approach or exceed acceptable daily doses based upon public wellness guidelines," per WebMD. If a lipstick includes lead and you ingest even small quantities of the every day, it could have serious health repercussions.

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According come the aforementioned study, over there is no acceptable day-to-day intake the lead due to the fact that its toxicity nature can influence the kidneys, heart, brain, bones, and also digestive system. Likewise, metals such together aluminum can additionally be rather dangerous because that the body together it is a neurotoxin, an interpretation that that can impact a person"s mind and the main nervous device (via The People"s Pharmacy).

Does this typical you should stop attract lipstick altogether? no quite. Follow to beauty Bakerie, if girlfriend look because that lipsticks that space paraben-free and also smudge-proof, and also which space formulated to stay on the lips for much longer durations, then you can proceed to wear them. However, it"s finest to check the ingredients and also stay away from lipsticks that contain command or other toxic ingredients.