Raymond Toro Ortiz was born July 15, 1977 in Newark, brand-new Jersey. He has actually brown eyes, and is 6"1. Follow to LOTMS, in junior high, to admire a girl, he stuck a piece of Runts candy in his sleep (like a booger), but it ended up gaining stuck in his nose and he had to go to the nurse to gain it bring away out. He checked out the same high school as Gerard & Mikey, and they to be "loose friends". He additionally used to have actually a pets dog referred to as Boy, farming up in a Puerto Rican and Portuguese household.

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His childhood neighborhood was a strange one, and also Ray has actually said that there were medicine addicts overdosing external his house. Due to this, together a child, he to be not permitted to go exterior much due to the fact that there to be bodies constantly being discovered in the park and lake close to his home.

My chemical Romance

Ray and Gerard reconnected with each other at an steel Maiden concert, and also the two, in addition to Matt Pelissier, created My chemistry Romance. That is the command guitarist for My chemistry Romance, through Frank Iero gift the valuation guitarist. Toro is in big part responsible for all the my Chemical romance instrumentals, and also writing the bulk of My chemical Romance"s music, and also often help Frank compose his guitar music. The plays a SG Gibson Guitar: SG Series, which has actually a mahogany body through a rosewood fingerboard. Ray has been credited as a metalhead by mine Chemical romantic bassist, Mikey Way, because that his love of bands such as Mudvayne. That plays one Epiphone Elitist Les Paul etc which has a mahogany body with maple cap and rosewood fingerboard.


Toro has numerous influences on his guitar playing. Few of these would certainly be Stevie ray Vaugh, Jimmi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Tony Lommi and Jimmy Page. Ray grew up listening come his brother’s standard rock albums, and constantly loved an excellent guitar rifts. He has said that all of his etc playing to be mirrored ~ these rock legends.

Favorite bands, injuries, and also wife

His favorite tape is stole Maiden, however still makes time for standard music every now and then. A couple of injuries he"s gotten over the years encompass "Guitar Burn". It"s comparable to rug burn, and also generally influence the forearm area; some experts attribute it come sweat, friction, and intense rocking. A big gash in the head, caused by getting cracked in the head through Frank"s guitar. Oh, and one brutally nasty hangnail. Ray recently gained married to his girlfriend, Christa, and they are really happy together.

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Ray go not prefer to read. His trademark is his afro, and he no mind world touching it. Understandably, beam does not like civilization pulling top top his hair. Mikey when straightened his hair. Ray did not prefer it, yet the rest of the band did. Beam does many of the etc solos in the songs. He cannot chef at all, uneven his other band mates. Beam is the most physically energetic member the the band. He runs everyday, and also keeps weights in the earlier of the tourism bus as soon as My Chemical romantic is touring. The members that Alkaline Trio once asked him to play ~ above a song of theirs. That wears contact lenses.