household Guy's many BIZARRE theory Reveals Stewie Griffin's Real mother A bizarre Reddit theory totally changes Stewie"s connection with his mother.

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Family Guy has been about for end twenty years, supplying us v plenty the outrageous and controversial moments throughout the eighteen season run. Fans of the collection have learned a lot about the background of the Griffin family, yet like numerous long-running man series, the floating timeline has enabled the display to play rapid and loosened with that continuity for the benefits of a good joke. Because of this, many fan theories have actually popped up with some very bizarre ideas. One Reddit concept is for this reason bizarre the it could permanently change how civilization see among the show"s greatest characters.

The theory suggests the Stewie Griffin, the youngest member the the Griffin clan, is no the organic son of Lois and Peter. Instead, eldest daughter Meg Griffin is Stewie"s real mother, an interpretation that his sisters is in reality his mother, his brother chris is his uncle, and Lois and also Peter room really his grandparents.

according to the theory, Meg remained in a relationship prior to the collection began. Throughout that time, Meg acquired pregnant and the friend "conveniently" skipped town as soon as he heard about the pregnancy. In stimulate to assist her daughter, Lois decided to advanced the baby as her own. Through the assist of Brian, Lois spanned the entirety thing up by pretending the she to be the one that was pregnant and when Stewie was born, she passed that off as her son and not Meg"s. Only Meg, Lois and Brian understand the truth, as Peter is too dumb to number out the truth and also Chris is easy to convince.

The theory says that every time Lois is displayed giving bear to Stewie, it is always shown native Stewie"s perspective and we never ever actually watch it take place in any kind of other instance. Because Stewie is just a baby, he would certainly logically believe that the woman that everyone claims is his mommy is the one who provided birth to him. Thus, every time Stewie"s birth is shown, Lois is in Meg"s place.

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The series has made jokes around Stewie"s bear before, specifically in the Season 11 illustration "Yug Ylimaf" which saw Brian and Stewie going backwards with time after Brian accidently division Stewie"s time machine. Throughout the episode, Stewie start aging backwards together well, reliving the moment he was born right up till he comes the end of the womb. When Stewie is being taken back to the hospital, Brian is left to solve the machine. Because Brian isn"t around and we check out the turning back birth from Stewie"s point of view, the Meg/Lois theory can hold some water.

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Nevertheless, the theory does have actually some holes in it. Also with Peter and also Chris" short intelligence, it"s hard to believe that they would certainly buy a fake pregnancy lie so easily, no matter how ignorant lock are around Lois and also Meg"s lives. Over there is likewise no explanation as to what Brian go to help Lois cover up the pregnancy. One commenter ~ above the thread suggested that Brian paid off Dr. Hartman that was there during the birth so the he would keep it quiet to Peter and also others. However that additionally leaves out just how Meg to be still may be to go to school and also have no one point out her pregnant at any allude in the show"s history, as well as cover up all the health problems that come with having a baby. Even for a collection as out-there as Family Guy, a Meg/Stewie revelation prefer this seems a bit far-fetched.

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