YTD (Year to Date) last Grade Report

The YTD (Year come Date) last Grade Report provides many alternatives for displaying year-to-date grade info for students in a course or class group. The YTD final Grade Report deserve to only be supplied on classes where the YTD grade calculation has been permitted on the report map for the class. This report cannot be used on classes utilizing standards-based grading.

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1.On the Teacher home Page, in the choose a Report list, pick YTD final Grade.

2.Click Run.

3.On the GradeBook Report Viewer window, get in the name of the report in the Report Header field. Year to day Final Grade displays through default, yet you may adjust the name if desired.

4.In the choose Required Parameters area, in the class List, choose the ideal class.

Note: only the classes come which girlfriend have accessibility display in the list.

5.Select among the following Show Grade source Legend options:

•Yes – encompass the legend that screens the report periods, calculations methods, and also weights that determine just how the final grade is calculation as characterized in the Report map Builder

•No – execute not encompass the Grade source Legend

6.Select among the following display Grading range Legend options:

•Yes – encompass the legend that screens the marks and allude value ranges provided in the grading range that determines exactly how the final grade is calculated as identified in the Report card Builder

•No – perform not include the Grading scale Legend

7.In the collection Optional filters area, select the ideal option in the field Name drop-down list. Check out “YTD (Year to Date) last Grade Report”  for explanation of every the obtainable options.

8.Select one of the following options in the Operation drop-down list if it is available. The accessible options might vary relying on the option you selected in the field Name drop-down list.

•Is same To

•Is not Equal To

•Is before

•Is prior to or On

•Is After

•Is ~ or On

•Is less Than

•Is less Than or equal To

•Is higher Than

•Is greater Than or equal To

•Begins With

•Does Not begin With

•Ends With

•Does Not end With


•Does not Contain

•Has A Value

•Does Not have actually A Value

9.In the worth field, enter the suitable value.

Note: The easily accessible options and acceptable values vary depending on the alternative you selected in the field Name drop-down list. Friend may have the ability to enter only alphabetical or just numeric personalities depending ~ above the choice you selected in the field Name drop-down list. If you selected an alternative in the field Name drop-down perform that requires a date, climate a calendar becomes easily accessible in the value field. If friend selected has a Value or go Not have a Value in the Operation drop-down list, climate the Value ar is not available.

10.Specific selected columns shown by a examine mark display screen on the report through default. If you have actually selected certain filter choices in the field Name drop-down list and you want that information to display on the report, make certain to select the corresponding column surname in the Columns drop-down list.

11.Click see Report.

The report displays at the bottom of the window.

Note: The ar or list display screens red describe an unacceptable worth was entered or a required ar was left blank.

12.To save the report v your selected parameters, filters, and columns, click conserve Setup As. ~ above the save Setup As window in the brand-new report name field, get in the distinctive report name, and also in the new description field, enter the description of the report. Then, click Save.

The following message displays at the bottom that the window: “Report setup saved successfully.”



YTD (Year to Date) last Grade Report



Average Mark

Student’s grade because that the report period. Depending on how the year to day grade calculation is set up in the report card, the grades display differently. If the year-to-date grade calculate is based upon a mechanism calculation that uses grades from the report card, climate the grade is the grade gotten in on the Report card Entry screen. If the year-to-date grade calculate is based upon a device calculation that supplies averages from the grade book, climate the grade is the numeric average from the teacher’s great book.

Birth Date

Date of bear of the student.

District college student ID

District code that identifies the student.

Enrollment status Code

Code that represents whether the student is energetic or inactive in the institution in which the student is enrolled.

Gender Code

Code the represents even if it is a student is mrs or male.

Grade Level

Grade level in which the college student is enrolled.

Reporting duration Short Name

Short name of the reporting period as specified on the Reporting periods screen and also used in the Grading Period drop-down perform on the course Dashboard and ~ above the Report card Entry screen.

School ID

Code that identifies the college in i m sorry the student is enrolled.

School Name

Name of the college in i m sorry the student is enrolled.

Student email Address

Email attend to of the student.

Student Name

Full surname of the student.

Year come Date

Student’s class grade if final report cards were offered at the existing time. Relying on the marks offered in the grading scale used in the report card, the grades screen as percentage averages or allude values and its mark equivalent.

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Year To date Value

Numeric suggest value tantamount of the student’s class grade at the present time if last report cards to be given. Depending upon how the year-to-date grade calculate is set up in the report card, the grades screen differently. If the final grade is based upon numeric averages, then the class is a portion average. If the last grade is based on letter grades, then the grade is a allude value tantamount of the letter grade.