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The Relationships home window lets you specify relationship in between items save on computer in multiple accessibility tables. It is accessible by clicking Database Tools > Relationships.

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Relationships are favor the rules that govern exactly how data is connected in your database. In a well-normalized order-processing database, because that example, most most likely you’ll have actually customer details in one table and also order info in one more table. You want to make sure customers don’t get separated from their orders, right? and you don’t desire an order to be produced that doesn’t have a precious customer linked to it. The Relationships window is wherein you walk to collection these rules so the they use throughout your database.

If you’ve built an access query before, you’ll an alert that the Relationships window looks a lot choose the top part of the query Builder:


In the relationship window, you use the regulates on the Design tab to add tables come the view, and also then you traction fields in between tables to set up the relationships. In this example, the relationship permits for multiple orders to be associated to each customer, however it keeps friend from creating an order because that a customer the doesn’t exist. As soon as you set up these rules in the relationships window, they’ll use to the whole database (for example, if you develop a new query, the join will instantly be set up according to your partnership rules).

Note:  Deleting a table indigenous the Relationships window won’t delete that from your database, nor will certainly it remove relationships the you’ve currently established.

Things you can do


How to carry out it

Add a table or query to the window

Click Design > Add Tables (Show Table in access 2013), select the table or query girlfriend want, and then click Add.

Delete a table or query native the window

Select the table or query, and then push DELETE.

Hide a table or query

Right-click the table or query, and then click Hide Table.

Create a relationship

Drag a field from one table or query come the equivalent field in the other table or query.

Set properties because that a relationship

Right-click the partnership line in between two tables (this deserve to take a few tries come hit it exactly right), and also then click Edit Relationship.

Delete a relationship

Right-click the relationship line between two tables (this have the right to take a couple of tries to hit it specifically right), and also then click Delete.

Show all relationships

Click Design > All Relationships.

View the relationships for a details table

Select the table, and then click Design > Direct Relationships.

View the relationship for one table there is no viewing the relationship for other tables

Click Design > Tools > Clear Layout. Add the table you desire to view relationships because that (Design > Relationships > Add Tables (Show Table in accessibility 2013),) and then click Design > Relationships > Direct Relationships.

Adjust a table dimension to reveal added fields and also relationships.

Note Requires accessibility for Office 365.

To instantly size the table, best click a table and also select Size come Fit. Or, double-click a table edge on the:

Right to size horizontally based on field surname length.

Bottom to size vertically based on the number of fields.

Bottom right edge to auto-adjust the table size, both horizontally and vertically (the equivalent of Size come Fit).

Select a subset the tables

Note Requires access for Office 365.

To aid you focus upon certain tables and also their relationships:

CTRL + (select many tables).

Click and drag a box completely around the selected range.

Both these actions to mark the subset that tables with a thicker border. Come unselect, click outside the selection. To move the selection, click and drag to one more location.

Use the computer mouse scroll wheel

Note Requires accessibility for Office 365.

Scroll vertically through scrolling the computer mouse wheel up or down. Role horizontally by pressing shift and then scrolling the mouse wheel up or down.

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Now the you’re up to speed on the relationship window, learn just how to create, edit or delete a relationship.