The rumors the a possible sale that TNA Wrestling have been going strong lately, and things increase Wednesday when"s Justin LaBar tweeted that WWE is purchase TNA"s video library.

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LaBar also listed Billy Corgan would come to be the new bulk owner that TNA, acquisition over because that Dixie Carter and also rebranding the show with a brand-new image.

Keep in mind, this is all speculation and rumors at this point. No WWE no one TNA has shown the deal as the this writing.

TNA has actually long been considered the second-biggest wrestling promo in the joined States, yet the firm has never ever actually come close come being genuine competition because that Vince McMahon and Co.

There were times as soon as TNA appeared to be on the rise, however despite employing few of the finest wrestlers in the world, it never available as much of an obstacle for WWE together WCW did at the turn of the century.

This slideshow will certainly look at 10 reasons why TNA was never ever serious competition because that WWE.

10. The Setting
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When TNA an initial launched, reflects were produced at the Tennessee State Fair sporting activities Arena in Nashville, but it eventually moved to universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Filming every illustration in the exact same location aided save on prices and permitted talents to remain in one location without having the hectic take trip schedule the WWE Superstars need to deal with.

However, this additionally kept the company from building the kind of nationwide fanbase it to be looking to create, due to the fact that people are less likely to invest in a promo if castle can"t view it live external of Florida.

TNA eventually started touring an ext often, but it was also late to salvage what was already a sinking ship. The company ended up return to global Studios in 2013, i beg your pardon is whereby it has stayed ever since.

If any firm hopes to compete with WWE, it has to visit every state so civilization can check out their favourite Superstars live, and TNA simply didn"t have actually the spending plan to sustain such a costly expense.

9. Smaller sized Crowds
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The many noticeable difference in between an episode of impact Wrestling and also WWE raw is the size of the crowd. TNA deserve to house a thousand pan at most in the studio, if WWE deserve to fit number of thousand more into every arena it visits.

A smaller crowd can seem more intimate, however only hardcore fans actually care about that. Casual pan relate the size of a crowd to the popularity of the product.

NXT may film in a smaller sized venue at full Sail University, but that"s just WWE"s developmental territory, and when it leaves Florida for a take over special, the arenas constantly appear to market out.

When TNA very first started touring the country, it had actually a few big crowds, yet the numbers at some point dropped come the allude where the firm could no longer justify renting out huge arenas.

8. Nobody Can enhance WWE's manufacturing Value
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When it involves pro wrestling and live sports in general, no company in the civilization can enhance WWE"s manufacturing value.

Raw, SmackDown, NXT and every pay-per-view are slick and polished products. Every little detail is spanned by someone on the staff of over 100 people who make the present possible.

TNA was trying come emulate plenty of of the methods WWE supplies every week, and also since founder Jeff Jarrett worked for both WWE and WCW for years, that knew what went into making the show.

However, the takes a the majority of money to do what WWE go every week. Whether it"s the camera work, video clip packages, pyrotechnics, comment or over-the-top stage, WWE is mile ahead of anyone else.

It took years for WWE to perfect what has end up being a well-oiled machine, and also it"s impossible to imagine any other agency matching it there is no Ted Turner"s checkbook.

7. Ridiculous Stipulations
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WWE has had actually its same share the dumb matches end the years, but when it concerns stipulations, TNA is the understand of dreadful concepts.

Take the King of the Mountain complement for example. The only way to victory is to climb a ladder and hang increase the location being contested instead of taking it down favor in a traditional ladder match.

To make things even much more confusing, in stimulate to it is in eligible to cave up the title, one need to pin an enemy first, through the human who was pinned being confined to a penalty crate for two minutes.

TNA has developed numerous various other ridiculous stipulations we don"t have actually room to obtain into here, with among the most ludicrous gift the ultimate X match.

Sure, this bouts often feature some an excellent spots, yet being may be to do a few cool moves have to never be a factor to architecture a strange stipulation.

6. The Six-Sided Ring
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Despite trying to copy many of WWE"s methods for act business, TNA did carry out one thing to do itself stand out: It provided a six-sided ring.

The hexagon may have been a fun gimmick in ~ first, however being unique didn"t in reality make the any better or much safer for the wrestlers.

Sean Waltman common his thoughts around the design ago in 2014 on Twitter: "The 6 face ring might look special, however it"s actually method more dangerous. The edge of the ropes in the corners isn"t 90 degrees."

On optimal of that, the ring is actually smaller sized than WWE"s typical 400-square foot design. It"s as if someone chopped turn off the corner of the ring in ~ a monster angle.

TNA at some point started using a conventional four-sided ring, but for part strange reason, the agency opted come bring ago the hexagon in 2014.

5. Influence Was ~ above the not correct Channel
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WWE airs most of that is programming top top the USA Network, i beg your pardon is available in just around every house in America v the most straightforward cable or satellite providers.

TNA has actually been top top several various networks, through each gaining less circulation than the last. As soon as the firm moved to popular music TV, some world had to increase their TV package in bespeak to check out the show.

It"s not always easy to uncover a major network the is ready to carry your program, but if TNA had actually been ~ above a more recognizable channel, the ratings can have to be high enough to store the agency profitable.

Even Ring of Honor and also Lucha underground have managed to survive on networks v less distribution than USA, so it"s not like TNA is the just promotion handling this issue.

4. Vince Russo
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Ever because his involvement through WCW, a dark cloud has actually been adhering to Vince Russo where he goes, and also it stayed with him v his time in TNA.

Just hearing about his authorized with TNA was enough to rotate off part fans, particularly when he started showing up on television as an government figure.

Russo has a an excellent mind for the wrestling business, however when he was in WWE, he had actually Vince McMahon come filter his ideas through to weed out the negative ones. 

Without someone to refine his ideas, Russo finished up making some questionable booking decisions. TNA"s failure is not all his fault, however his authorized instantly put a stigma top top the totality product. 

3. Acquisition WWE's Leftovers
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When human being were jumping ship in between WCW and also WWE, castle were mostly still big names with illustration power and many year left in their career.

However, TNA constantly seemed to jump at the possibility to snatch up any type of former WWE Superstars, even if it is they were effective or not.

Trying to bring in viewers through recognizable names is smart, but Carter should have used much more logic when deciding which talents to sign.

Getting guys such as Christian, cut Angle and also Bobby Lashley helped, but for every superstars worthy that being civilization champion, TNA likewise hired 10 guys who to be either previous their prime or weren"t that great to start with.

To save time, us won"t even get into how bad a decision it was to bring in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff simply when the agency was starting to do well for itself. 

2. Jeff Jarrett
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Before WCW released Nitro top top Monday nights to contend with Raw, it still had actually a lengthy list of legend Superstars.

Guys such together Ric Flair, Sting, Randy Savage and also Hulk Hogan were still in their prime once WCW rebranded itself from gift a firm under the NWA banner to being its own nationwide brand.

When TNA launched, its biggest star was Jeff Jarrett. Double J is a good wrestler who has actually done a lot because that the business, but he is no Flair.

At one point, it practically seemed choose he produced a promotion simply so he might make self a human being champion, something the never completed in WWE.

The original roster to be filled with incredible talent such together AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and also Low Ki, but all of those guys have either left for greener pastures or quit the wrestling business altogether.

TNA just didn"t have the star strength it needed early to succeed, and also when big names finally showed up, interest from the basic public had already started come wane.

1. Dixie Carter Is No Vince McMahon
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Many rings promoters have come and gone over the years, yet the one continuous has constantly been Vince McMahon.

Carter isn"t the an initial person to go after the WWE empire, but like everyone before her, McMahon had the ability to survive and also persevere.

The key difference between them, various other than age and gender, is experience. McMahon thrived up in the service watching his father operation the company, when Carter decided to get into the wrestling organization in 2002.

She surrounded herself with previous WWE employees together as john Gaburick, however her own inexperience prevented she from running a successful promotion.

TNA has developed some great wrestling over the years, but good matches aren"t sufficient to do a company profitable. WWE taken this and also diversified itself right into a multimedia conglomerate.

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If the rumors room true and also Corgan does finish up ending up being the majority owner of TNA, let"s expect he find a means to keep it afloat because the wrestling human being needs an ext than one significant promotion.