Ever wonder how Kia cars obtain their unique and original names? review on to discover out about the stories and meanings behind the special names the KIA vehicles!

Kia meaning:

The indigenous Kia actually has an exciting meaning. Believe it or not, also a word so short as Kia, actually has two parts to its korean meaning. “Ki” method “to come out” and also “a” means “east.” In various other words, Kia can be analyzed to mean, “to come out of the east.” Fitting because that a firm that hails from east Asia and caters come so many countries from about the world.

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Cadenza The Cadenza sedan, or the K7 in Korea, released in the United claims in 2013 and also bears the Italian term because that a beautiful, brilliant, and complicated artistic solo (typically musical). Music terms room not uncommon options for version names–just look at the Hyundai Sonata.
ForteThe K3 in Korea to be released together the four-door Forte sedan in America in 2010; the name comes from the center French word “fort”, an interpretation “strong.” We recognize it as a referral to a who strongest ability or characteristic.
K900A recent entry top top the list, the K900 symbolizes a brand-new avenue for the brand to enter the high-end market. Although it goes by various names roughly the world—like the Quoris—the K900 is the K9 in Korea, following the brand’s usual naming system of K(ia) + # for its passenger cars. 2 zeroes were included to the surname in America to prevent being mistaken for a dog.
Optima A pretty recognizable term to most people, this passenger sedan’s name is a variation of the Latin “optimus,” definition “best” or “bonus.” That’s wherein we get the term “optimum,” introduce to the most favorable degree or condition.
RioBack in the day, the Kia Rio underwent many name alters following the creation—the Pride, the Avella, and also finally the Rio. Not just the surname for a city Brazil that recently organized the Olympics, words “rio” means “river” in Spanish and Portuguese. It describes the way the car’s human body lines and handling circulation fluidly.
SedonaAn unusual choice for a design name for Kia, the origin of the Sedona minivan surname is reasonably mysterious. Many allude to the small town in Arizona as the name’s inspiration, together the brand may have actually wanted an outdoorsy, elegant name that’s much less recognizable geographically than, say, Santa Fe. The surname “Sedona” was, follow to records, comes from the name of very early settler of the area, whose mom spontaneously created the name since it sound pretty.
Sorento Although the actual definition of the name is uncertain, it originates from the small village of Sorrento, Italy, i beg your pardon was greatly influenced through Greek culture. Due to the fact that of the presence of a sanctuary originally lived in by the cult that the Sirens, the city of Sorrento likely gets its surname from that. How this name uses to a Kia SUV, we have no idea.
SoulThe many self-explanatory name on the list, the heart is called after the term for the inside life the the human being spirit, as well as all the stirring social and historic connotations the go through it.
SportageAs the Sportage crossover SUV is Kia’s many outdoorsy vehicle, its surname is a unique mix of words “sport”–referring the vehicle’s sportiness–and the suffix “-age,” definition “a state or problem of.”


StingerWhen the Kia Stinger first debuted in ~ the 2017 NAIAS, the design was praised for its enticing and also striking name. While the design itself takes after the draft of the 2011 GT concept, the auto name payment homage to the GT4 Stinger concept.The ‘Stinger’ name perfectly captures our high performance sedan’s ambition as a bold and aggressive new challenger in the market. The Stinger GT tote the appearance and also aura the explosive confidence and also edginess, living up to its name and the hype.

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Kia Seltos is inspired from Greek mythology and also the legend the ‘Celtos’, the son of Hercules.