Letter D attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolDoor, womb, knowledge, completion, hands
Spiritual meaningDivine, Death, Demiurge, Deva, Deus, Delta
Numerology value4
Stand forDevelopment, Discipline, Desire, Decision, Dawn, Day, Digital, Deed
Spiritual an interpretation of letter D

Meaning the Letter D

The 4th letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Daleth, i m sorry is letter D in English. In esoteric teachings, Daleth to represent the sacred womb, door, and knowledge. The womb is our bear door from the spiritual to the product universe.

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When the ancient Greeks loaned this concept, they dubbed it “Delta”, who symbol is the triangle. This triangle is closely associated with the triangular number of Pythagoras named “Tetractys”. The triangle is the sacred symbolism that Pythagoreans together it has within itself the theory of Perfection and also Completion (10). We have:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10One door closes another will open. Therefore, at the finish of 4, that is a symbolic door that opens our consciousness to one more world of perfection. In English, as soon as we add the suffix “-ed” in a verb, it way that the activity was “completed”.

In Egyptian hieroglyphic, letter D is the symbolic hands of Osiris. The Egyptians think that the function of the hand is to construct the divine temple (Body) through our Deeds. Thus, that is v our deeds of justice that we can become complete and also perfect human being beings.

The cross is the unravelled cube

D is the 4th letter, who numerical worth is 4, representing the cube in numerology. In spirituality, the cube is the symbol of an enclosed man. This man is ignorant due to the fact that his spiritual faculties are “boxed in” or undeveloped. Thus, when we open the cube, it shows the representation of the Cross that Jesus was crucified upon. Symbolically, the Crucifixion the Jesus signifies a male opens the door that spirituality and is born again through a body of light.

“But Lot’s mam looked back, and also she ended up being a column of salt.” (Genesis 19:26)

In the Bible, when Lot’s wife looked earlier at the city the Sodom and became “a obelisk of salt”, this represents the state of it is registered to old habits and beliefs. Once salt crystallizes, it crystallizes in cube shape, which is the prize of letter D. As the spiritual an interpretation of letter D is the door, we have to open the cube so that it i do not care a cross. That is, a overcome is letter D being developed spiritually if a cube is letter D being developed materially.

Meaning the Letter D in your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the an initial letter the your an initial name starts through D, you are Discipline, Determined, Decisive, and also Dependable in personality. The source of letter D is in the physics world, so friend are right here to it is in a Designer whose preeminence is the grand style of Earth.

D is an enclosed letter. Therefore, you are sensitive, fixed, reserved, and also Domestic in nature. You may feel “hard to breathe” due to the constraints you set for yourselves. In regards to spirituality, you own the capability to feel the spiritual world. The is the capability to feeling things prior to things happen. Unlike C, letter D wants stability over unpredictability. Friend are most likely to choose a methodical, secure, and firm course towards success.

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Negative Traits

The an unfavorable traits the D space stubbornness, limitation, avoidance, and rigidity. D world take a serious technique to life. Her dark sides deserve to be expressed in her personality as being super conservative, opinionated, and also materialistic.