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DKNY (DonnaKaran New York) is thelabel offashion designerDonna Karan. It is additionally the name of aclothingstore inNew York City featuringDonna Karan"s associated line.


The contemporary apparel and also accessories corporation, DKNY, was founded in 1985 inNew York by Donna Karan, head designer, and her so late husband, Stephan Weiss. Karan had actually a daunting goal of combine comfort and also luxury in her garments lines come appeal to she target market. Karan believes that whatever style she creates, that begins and ends v the body. DKNY came to be a publicly-traded venture 1996, and also in 2001, to be purchased byLVMH, Moet HennesseyLouis Vuitton, a French high-end corporation.


The first flagship stores opened inLondon in 1997 andNew York City in 1999. The DKNY headquarters is located at 550Seventh avenue in Manhattan, brand-new York. There are currently seventy Donna Karan collection and DKNY stores globally, including twenty stores inChina includingHong Kong and Shanghai, two stores in Canada consisting of Vancouver, B.C. And Montreal, 4 in Dubai. DKNY has also opend part stores in Wales. Because 2005, Donna Karan has actually offeredonline purchase of its DKNY and also associated lines in ~ the label"s internet site. Products variety from DKNY and also DKNY Jeanswomenswear,accessories, underwear,shoes, infant clothing, the PURE arsenal to DKNY menswear. The latter was available up until the feather 2007season. Because then just the DKNY blue jeans label, underwear, eyewear and watches have been offered online because that men.

Current Labels

Many labels and brands have actually branched off of the original DKNY brand/label including DKNY Jeans, pure, DKNY Active, DKNY Underwear, DKNY Juniors, DKNY Kids, and DKNY Baby. After eight year of creating only women"s apparel, Karan taken into consideration the needs of the numerous men in her life beginning with her husband, and also generated a menswear collection dubbed DKNY guys in 1992. This brand-new label is composed of tailored suits, dress wear, formalwear, casual wear, sportswear, and shoes. The DKNY beauty arsenal was likewise derived in 1992. Since then, DKNY has developed a effective skincare line and popular fragrances. In 2001, the DKNY home collection, i m sorry includes timeless luxury bedding and also accessories, and DKNY LIFE, which has actually more contemporary and fashion-forward bedding, were introduced. Likewise DKNY have actually launched their line that clothing and also accessories in , i m sorry the users deserve to buy and dress up their avatar in. DKNY right now ties up v DLF ,an Indian firm and planing to open secondary of 28 shop in India

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