hi alle6244, Nine times the end of ten the business light comes on due to the fact that of the the behind air shocks go poor here space diagrams to aid you gain the trouble fixed. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything else to acquire the difficulty fixed. Cheers.

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I have an 03 Yukon Denali with air ride suspension. It requirements shocks and also want to understand if you have the right to replace lock with regular shocks

my "service ride control" light has been on continuously for eight years. Two GMC dealerships and also one personal mechanic have actually yet to be able to turn it turn off or settle it. Any kind of ideas?
If over there is nothing not correct with system then what is in the photo is the two recommended fixes i beg your pardon one is replace/rebuild swarm or module i beg your pardon module is replaced and also reprogrammed. So it relies on how negative it bugs you as both can be $300.00 plus to fix.
The company ride suspension light reflects on my dash. I have checked the waiting compressor and the behind air shocks and they work-related fine. I saw some kind of rubber cups between the body and frame, i don"t recognize if lock are supposed to inflate or not. There space regulare shocks ~ above the front. What else can I do to discover the problem?
The best means to find out why the warning in on is to have the car scanned because that codes in the suspension control module. This code or password will give you a beginning point. There room several contents to this suspension setup there is no this password it"s walk to be more complicated to diagnose. I"ve personally see nearly everything component on these air journey (original equipment) fail. Without a fault password I can"t give you the assist your questioning for. You"ll require a compatible scan tool to access the digital suspension module. Let me understand what girlfriend find.
In reply to Alice and also HMAC300 - that is the swarm - The difficulty is 2003-2005 GMC Yukon Denali - The cluster and module were extended under a recall. I only found this out after my dealer change 3 various parts and would not reimburse me because that the parts or job (Even though they didn't fix the problem). That genuine pain around this totality adventure was as soon as I left my auto (3 days but they paid rental auto fees) lock forgot to notate mine mileage, so they placed the old cluster ago in. Currently a have actually a 15 year old Denali v 0 miles and that post flashing all day lengthy (anyone know how to disconnect the chime?)
the sounds favor they did not install the old cluster since it would certainly be programmed v the exact same mileage. Can you phone call if it is yours scratch on the lens or? The cluster lug the mileage.
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