How famous is the baby surname Nakoa in the joined States right now? How well-known was that historically? uncover out utilizing the graph below! Plus, inspect out every the blog write-ups that cite the surname Nakoa.

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Which Hawaiian names are famous in Hawaii appropriate now?

I check out through the current list of height baby names in Hawaii and also picked out as many timeless Hawaiian names as I could. Here they are, to add their definitions (and their absent ‘okinas!).

Popular Hawaiian Names because that Girls

Leilani, 19 baby girls, way “heavenly (lani) flowers/child (lei).”Mahina, 15, means “moon” or “moonlight.”Kaila, 11, method “style, fashion.”Hali’a, 9, way “sudden remembrance, memory.”Kai’a, 9, means “the (ka) fish (i’a).”Kailani, 8, method “heavenly (lani) sea (kai).”Keani, 7, method “the (ke) soft breeze (ani).”Mehana, 7, way “warmth, heat.”Hi’ilani, 6, method “held in the eight (hi’i) of sky (lani).”Kailana, 6, means “calm (lana) sea (kai).”Lilinoe, 6, means “fine mist.”Malie, 6, means “calm.”Anuhea, 5, method “cool, soft fragrance.”Hi’ilei, 5, method “child (lei) held in the arms (hi’i).”Ilihia, 5, way “excited” or “awe-stricken.”Kawena, 5, way “the (ka) light (wena).”Kealani, 5, means “heavenly (lani) whiteness (kea).”Lea, 5, is the name of a Hawaiian goddess.Nai’a, 5, method “dolphin.”Noelani, 5, means “heavenly (lani) mist (noe).”

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser claimed Malia (ranked 21st overall) to be the most popular Hawaiian name for girl in 2013, yet Malia is is simply the Hawaiian form of the non-Hawaiian name Mary, so ns didn’t encompass it. I didn’t include several other names (like Keoni, Hawaiian for “John”) for the very same reason.

Popular Hawaiian Names for Boys

Kai, 38 infant boys, means “sea.” Kai was the 19th most renowned boy name overall in Hawaii last year.Kainoa, 21, means “the (ka) namesake (inoa).”Kaimana, 20, way “power (mana) of the sea (kai).”Nainoa, 11, way “the (na) namesakes (inoa)” — na is the post used because that plural nouns.Makoa, 10, means “fearless.”Nakoa, 10, method “”the (ne) brave ones/koa trees (koa).”Kana’i, 9, way “the (ka) conqueror (na’i).”Makana, 9, means “gift.”Ka’eo, 8, means “full of knowledge.”Kahiau, 8, means “generous.”Kainalu, 8, method “billowy (nalu) sea (kai).”Keanu, 8, method “the (ke) coolness (anu).”Noa, 8, method “commoner/free man.”Kaleo, 7, way “the (ka) sound/voice (leo).”Kamaha’o, 6, way “wondrous.”Kanoa, 6, means “the (ka) commoner/free guy (noa).”Kekoa, 6, method “the (ke) brave one/koa tree (koa).”La’akea, 6, means “sacred (la’a) white/light (kea).”Makai, 6, means “toward (ma) the sea (kai).”Mana, 6, method “supernatural or magnificent power.”Alaka’i, 5, means “leader.”Kaiea, 5, means “rising (ea) sea/tide (kai).”Ka’imipono, 5, method “the (ka) seeker of justice (‘imi pono).”Kalani, 5, means “the (ka) heavenly one/royal one (lani).”Kamakani, 5, method “the (ka) wind (makani).”Koamalu, 5, method “brave (koa) tranquility (malu).”

While ns was gathering every those definitions, I additionally found a bunch the other exciting Hawaiian names, such as…

‘Opunui, “big-bellied” (‘opu, “belly” + nui, “big”). Large bellies were a standing symbol in old Hawaii. According to one source, “the elite live lavishly, were feasting constantly, and the greatest chiefs were identified by your corpulence.”Leiko is a hybrid Hawaiian-Japanese name: lei, “flowers/child” + ko, “child.”

Do you have a favourite Hawaiian name? leaving a comment and also tell me around it!

Source: Bodley, john H. Cultural Anthropology: Tribes, States, and the an international System. Lanham, MD: AltaMira-Rowman & Littlefield, 2011.

Another celebrity has actually gone with a Hawaiian infant name. Helen Hunt has actually a daughter called Makena Lei, Lisa Bonet has actually a son called Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, and now Evangeline Lilly has a son named Kahekili.

This is old news, actually. Lilly’s infant (with friend Norman Kali) to be born in mid-2011, and the surname was revealed later on that year. Kahekili means “the thunder” in Hawaiian: ka is “the” and hekili is “thunder.”

But supposedly Lilly has actually only freshly come out through the complete story behind Kahekili’s name:

My kid was born external in Hawaii in the middle of a thunder and also lightning storm that was for this reason insane that we had an island-wide power outage… us were woken the end of our sleep by the thunder, it to be so intense, and also in Hawaii they speak to that mana, i beg your pardon is choose your significance or your spirit… so we had actually to surname him after ~ his mana.

She’d abovementioned that the baby was born “outside in a thunderstorm.” Also, the the name wasn’t liked right away: “My infant did not have actually a name for a month. It take it me a month to name my child.”

A handful of other baby boys have been called Kahekili lately. In fact, over past couple of years, the name has actually popped increase on the nationwide list 3 times and on the Hawaii list twice:

2012: 6 baby boys named Kahekili nationally2011: unlisted2010: 6 baby boys called Kahekili nationally, 5 in Hawaii2009: 5 infant boys called Kahekili country , all 5 in Hawaii 2008: unlisted

I wonder how numerous of these babies to be born during thunderstorms.

What do you think that the surname Kahekili?

Sources: Evangeline Lilly – Wikipedia, The things They speak –, Evangeline Lilly remained in labor for 30 hrs (h/t elbowin, for making me look increase Tauriel)

Actress Claire Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy newly welcomed their first child, a baby boy called Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy.

Most the the articles/blog posts I’ve check out have called the surname Cyrus “unusual.”

I mean it is, numbers-wise. Cyrus has actually never been a very common name in the U.S., though it’s become much more popular in the critical decade.

But by celebrity baby name standards? no so much. Cyrus is vintage-unusual, no bizarre-unusual. An ext like Enoch, Harmon, Otto, Florian and also Lambert than choose Sparrow, Jermasjesty, Moroccan, Nakoa-Wolf and Bronx.

In regards to etymology, Cyrus can be traced ago to Kyros, the Greek type of the Old Persian surname Kurus or Kurush, the unknown etymology.

How perform you feel about the surname Cyrus? (Is it possible for friend to put aside the Miley Cyrus association?)

Actors Lisa Bonet (a.k.a. Lilakoi Moon) and also Jason Momoa (a.k.a. Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa) invited their 2nd child with each other on December 15th.

The baby boy was called Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

In Hawaiian, Nakoa (na koa) means either “the warrior” or “the koa .” Manakauapo has elements an interpretation “spirit” (mana) “the rain” (ka ua) and “night” (po). Namakaeha, passed down from dad, seems to have actually something to do with “the eyes” (na maka), yet I can’t figure out what the last aspect stands for.

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Nakoa-Wolf joins huge sister Lola Iolani Momoa and half-sister Zoe Isabella Kravitz.