When Ludacris sings around li-li-licking who from your head to your toes, it sounds super sexy. But, honestly, when the licking part of sex and foreplay might feel yes, really good, its after-effects (aka, all the dried spit on your skin) can be a small off-putting. Because dried spit periodically smells kinda gross.

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Some people might no mind or even notice the smell that much, but there's a science-backed reason that saliva smells worse dry than wet, also if the person act the licking doesn't have negative breath.
"In saliva, the liquid is not what smells bad," says Mahvish Ahmed, DDS, a dentist in ~ Smile architecture Manhattan. "It's the bacteria that lives within the mouth." Everyone has actually mouth bacteria, although particular habits do affect the lot of bacteria. Some of the bacteria in your mouth space anaerobic, definition that castle don't require oxygen come survive, Dr. Ahmed says. And that's the bacteria the smells the worst, since it provides off a sulphur smell. "As soon as the saliva dries up, you're left through residual bacteria, and also that's what you're smelling," she says.
Saliva will certainly smell worse if the human being licking friend doesn't brush their this as frequently as castle should, smokes, drinks a most alcohol, has a dried mouth, or has actually a yellow or white-coated tongue, or is ~ above the Keto diet, Dr. Ahmed claims — essentially, anything the helps anaerobic bacteria grow. "Everybody has actually a top quality to their saliva smell, whether it's much more sweet or sour or odorous," she explains. Anyone who has actually a more acidic diet (such as anyone who eats a the majority of meat and dairy) will also have worse-smelling saliva because anaerobic bacteria love acidic environments.

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So if girlfriend or your companion are worried about the odor of her spit interfering through your sexy times, try using a non-alcoholic mouthwash (one through hydrogen peroxide is particularly an excellent at killing bacteria) or drinking water through a greater pH than usual water, Dr. Ahmed suggests. The can help keep the acid in balance and also might lower the amount of anaerobic bacteria in her mouth. And if you're super right into the head-to-toe licking, yet can't was standing the odor of dried saliva, probably make a beeline for the shower before it it s okay a chance to dry.
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