Females have constantly been linked with feline action – purring, scratching, mood ferris wheel to name a few. Or in this case, a girlfriend who bites you every the time.

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And they can be stunner if they require to, like this:


Their most an effective weapon in this instance would be their bite, and while a lioness’s bite may seem barbaric and also horrifying, a little nibble can sometimes be exceptionally appealing, though you’d wonder, “Why does mine girlfriend bite me?”

So, what go biting average in a relationship? Why carry out girls bite?

Well, because that a start, even girls themselves have actually been asking this question: “Why carry out i want to bite mine boyfriend?”

Here are some factors why a lady bites, and why she would certainly make a good girlfriend.

It’s a authorize of intimacyJust like males whom choose to smack or beat each various other from time come time as a sign of brotherhood, ladies choose to make their note with their teeth to prove and also show affection. It feels good, too. Don’t refuse it.

You’ll ooze sex appealAnd after that mark is made, specifically on her neck or face, your colleagues are going to check out it but not say anything, while your friends will tease you about it. You can now continue to infer the there are further bites wherein they can not see and feel favor an absolute stud.

Actions speak louder than wordsYou know you’ve acquired a great girlfriend who walks the talk. Saying sweet nothings is straightforward (men know this too), yet taking action is another thing altogether. A girlfriend who bites is using a little of offense as cover for she affection, since she doesn’t want to speak it; she wants to execute it and also show it.

You’ll love she threatsA girlfriend who desires to warn you teasingly will say “Be cautious or i’ll slap you”. A girlfriend that bites will certainly say “Be careful or i’ll bite you”. The last sounds infinitely better.

She actually needs you a lotWhen people are babies, the means we suckle is an extremely much favor biting – our straightforward reliance on our mother for food. You could say that biting is a method of showing reliance on someone, so girlfriend girlfriend really needs you – and that makes any kind of man feeling good.

She wants you a lotBiting is one of the most an effective force produced from our bodies. If she wants to cling on to you the bad, you deserve to be sure she loves you quite a bit.

You understand you taste goodIf you weren’t delicious enough, your girlfriend wouldn’t placed her mouth anywhere near you. You deserve to be damn certain that you’ve gained the goods, or in this case taste, the ladies fall for. Either the or you’re do of chocolate.

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However, if you find yourself with absent chunks of flesh, kindly contact the nearest hospital and IMH.

In the meantime, since you’re only here due to the fact that you’re attached, do watch this love story come the end and also you’d give thanks to us later: