Michele Settel, Cordant wellness Solutions’ vice president of the Workers’ Compensation Division, to be featured in September’s WorkCompWire virtual publication. Read below as she highlights exactly how to make the most of drug test results.

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A drug test is a an important tool that deserve to be offered to determine whether a claimant is adhering to their medication regimen as prescribed. The purpose of drug testing is not to “catch” those who room not taking their medications. The main goal is fostering compliance to ensure the safety and also effectiveness the an injured worker’s drug treatment plan. Among the most usual questions I obtain from our clients is, “What need to I do as soon as a drug test yields an inconsistent an outcome suggesting non-compliance?”

Every provider, adjuster and case manager would certainly be glad to check out injured employees follow your treatment arrangement diligently, but the truth is the every claim and patient v his or she own distinctive medical problem requires a different plan of action. However, there room some general steps a payer can take as soon as a lab report yields unforeseen results.

Obtain Clinical SupportIf you have accessibility to nursing or case management solutions within your organization or together a partner, escalate. Case managers sell clinical knowledge and also support to facilitate a detailed and necessary conversation with the dealing with provider. One effective instance manager will communicate directly v the dealing with provider and also the hurt worker to build an action plan that may include a testimonial of the prescribed medications and also steps to enhance adherence.

There are other usual scenarios in i beg your pardon a situation management assignment can be beneficial if a case manager is not already assigned come the claim:

A claimant receives an early stage inconsistent test result, but does no have an additional visit come a medical care provider scheduled until months later, if in ~ all. while the adjuster or situation manager deserve to schedule an appointment, the instance manager deserve to take this opportunity to evaluate compliance through the provider’s treatment plan and also reinforce compliance v the injured worker.A claimant has received two inconsistent drug tests in a row. Over there is clearly something not correct requiring extr intervention between the healthcare provider and also the injured worker. If a case manager is not yet assigned to the claim, this is a good time to perform so. Field case management can be an reliable approach, supplying a face-to-face discussion with both the healthcare provider and the hurt worker. Various other resources could include utilization review of the prescribed medications, specifically if the prescribed medicine was not detected in both test results. A treatment arrangement may incorporate a prescription of various medications with appropriate therapeutic benefits, or referral to addiction experts if appropriate.The claimant refuses a follow-up test after an inconsistent result, or falls short to attend reserved office visits. Adjusters may want to require prior authorization for managed medications dispensed until the hurt worker is tested because that compliance. Part state guidelines need drug trial and error to receive additional prescriptions – together is the case in brand-new York – and offer additional regulatory assistance to the request. Finally, consider a field case management task assignment to review both the injured worker’s treatment plan and compliance between the injured worker and their health care provider.

Require front authorization for future medicationsThis is an effective option once claimants refuse to undergo medicine testing.

A payer will have a specific formulary that drugs permitted under their plan. Any attempted fills because that medication outside of the formulary would have to pass through a prior authorization process. Formularies can additionally be regulated at the claimant level enabling the adjuster to need prior authorization for every or particular medications prescribed come the claimant. Medications prescribed by a particular provider can also be i ordered it to require prior authorization. An adjuster might use the prior authorization process and call for drug testing and demonstrated compliance prior to authorizing additional fills.

Consider a pharmacogenetic test and also blood dose correlation testing for chronic prescriptionsCertain people metabolize medications faster or slower 보다 others. If a claimant has yielded many inconsistent results yet insists he or she is taking medicines as prescribed, and also the treating provider has shown usage and also pill counts, a pharmacogenetic test will administer greater insight into just how the injured worker is metabolizing their medications.

Blood dose correlation trial and error results can assist healthcare providers determine if patients medicine concentrations are at stable state based upon the dose prescribed and also identify potential metabolic issues. Blood toxicology testing is an reliable indicator in determining if pharmacogenetic experimentation is median necessary.

A blood medicine level that falls below the expected range can be a authorize of fast metabolism. Whereas blood medication levels above the expected range can suggest slow metabolism. In one of two people case, this information deserve to assist in identify the effectiveness, or feasible dangers, that a patient’s existing medication regimen. This have the right to be critical information for both the health care provider and the payer.

Drug trial and error is an essential tool in knowledge an injured worker’s compliance through their medication treatment plan, however is only a beginning point. An understanding of the accessible resources that will certainly drive the hurt worker’s compliance deserve to be a an important next action after initial assessment of check results. Knowledge all obtainable options is critical step towards achieving patience compliance.

About Michele SettelVice president of the workers’ compensation division for Cordant health Solutions™, Michele fearbut Settel has over 23 years of suffer in the workers’ compensation industry. Prior to joining Cordant wellness Solutions™ in September 2013, Michele was responsible for emerging operational ideal practice standards, training, sales, brand-new account implementation, product development, business process reengineering and also pharmacy operations for TechHealth/One Call care Management, whereby she offered as executive, management vice president of business development. She has considerable experience arising ancillary programs including pharmacy advantage programs for all payers. This large experience to be the foundation for the Cordant controlled drug trial and error program’s organization of cost containment strategies with a focus on quality organization delivery.

Michele has wide executive suffer in managed care strategies including telephonic and also field instance management, utilization review and peer evaluation services. She served as vice president of sales support for Coventry Workers’ Compensation services for an ext than 17 years. She was responsible for developing magnified product offerings and overseeing new account implementations.

Michele hold a BS in Business administration from Missouri Baptist University, wherein she i graduated cum laude.

About Cordant health Solutions

Cordant wellness Solutions™ supplies a consolidated method to serving the medicine monitoring demands of health care providers and also payers, giving a functional solution and also bridging clinical gaps. We sell a variety of testing choices and technology platforms, plus proficient representatives to supply a high level of company to you and also your clients.

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Cordant’s unique testing protocols and also consolidated data systems room a roadmap with a facility world. In a landscape full of questions around prescribing, paying for opioid therapy and also the evolving legislations on drug testing, we carry out clear insights and straightforward answers.

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