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Idiom scenario 1

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Look in ~ this marvelous climbed that Cindy gave me.

Friend 2: It's an extremely nice. Whereby did she get it?

Friend 1: She flourished it herself in her garden.

Friend 2: She is talented. She has a environment-friendly thumb.

Idiom script 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: perform you want to come over and also pick a pair of fresh cucumbers from mine garden?

Friend 2: You have cucumbers prepared already? It's just mid-June.

Friend 1: I have actually a actual talent for gardening.

Friend 2: You, mine friend, are a green thumb.

to have actually a green thumb - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 185

to have a green thumb - Gerund Form:

Having a environment-friendly thumb, his grandfather thrived prize-winning gladioli.

to have actually a green thumb - Examples:

1) ns don't have a green thumb as many plants ns planted have died.

2) ... Had just controlled to kill another plant (she didn't specifically have a green thumb).

3) If friend have a green thumb climate there are numerous reasons why girlfriend should think about joining the National home Gardening Club.

4) ... Is my 2nd pink cactus and also my attempt at proving i have a green thumb. Ns say 2nd because I eliminated my very first cactus a pair of years ago.

5) If you don't have a green thumb, man-made plants work simply as well and don't require the attention live plants.

6) carry out you have actually a green thumb? shot gardening.

7) mine aunt already has a green thumb and since there were method more seeds 보다 we both needed, she choose a ...

8) If you're not lot of a green thumb and also do very tiny gardening, possibilities are you understand someone that does.

9) ... Require a an excellent deal precious of patience, and also you'll likewise require a green thumb to get into gardening.

10) ... House with flower or through planting shrubs or trees but not everyone has the green thumb needed.

11) We have actually a ton that plants, because my husband has actually a an extremely green thumb.

12) If girlfriend seem to have inexplicably lost your green thumb, it could be time because that a pH test.

13) Who despite being a hippie and also a vegan go not have a green thumb at all.

14) The website offers helpful information because that anyone through a green thumb, from the novice gardener to the established professional.

15) She has always had a green thumb and also her understanding of tree life has proven helpful in an ext than a few cases.

16) my husband inherited his green thumb and the plants in our residence are constantly thriving.

17) They thrive pretty fast and also they don't really need a green thumb.

18) ... In a climate with a short growing season, you have the right to still exercise your green thumb through these indoor tree ideas.

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19) industry your green thumb. If digging in the dirt is her passion, why not discover landscape architecture?

20) There's a lot much more to this shop than owner Tara Heibel's green thumb, permit alone she eye for unexplained plants.