American Idiom: provide someone a hand

To provide someone a hand – method to help or help someone to carry out a task. Friend can additionally say ‘to lend someone a hand,’ which way the very same thing. That not about holding her hands here.

A working understanding of generally used idioms is vital in order to naturally interact with Americans. Discover to speak English fluently with Poly Languages.

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Video Transcript

Excuse me! can you please offer me a hand?

To give someone a hand – means to aid or help someone to do a task. Girlfriend can also say ‘to lend someone a hand,’ which means the very same thing. That not about holding your hands here.

Here are instance sentences :

James – Hey Grace, mine hands room full! Please provide me a hand. Please open up the door for me.

Grace- Sure, I’d it is in happy come give friend a hand. Permit me open the door because that you.


Let’s do an exercise so the you can better remember the idiom.

For every question, change a native or words in a sentence with the idiom so the the meaning of the sentence is not changed. Friend have 5 seconds per question.

Question 1:

Please aid me to carry this suitcase upstairs.

Please give me a hand to carry this suitcase upstairs.

Question 2:

You are good in math. Please assist her v the mathematics assignment.

You are an excellent in math. Please give her a hand with the math assignment.

Practice makes perfect!

A working understanding of typically used idioms is crucial in order come naturally interact with Americans. Find out to speak English fluently through Poly Languages.

Give who a hand.

More concerns here!

Question 1:

I’m i m really sorry I’m late. I had actually to help my neighborhood with an altering a level tire.


Question 2:

No! Anna can’t babysit today. She’s helping me with my homework.


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