DISNEY'S next magical adventure, Encanto, will revolve around a Colombian teen who demands to discover her way as she's the just one in her household without magic powers.

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As Disney released the trailer for the upcoming movie, fans space wondering what precisely Encanto means.


Disney's following film Encanto revolves about a Colombian teenager who's the just one in her family members without magic powersCredit: Youtube/Walt Disney animation Studios

What go Encanto mean? meaning and meaning explained

In English, the word Encanto signifies charm, glamor, spell, delight, or joy.

According to Collins Dictionary, Encanto method "the allure of miscellaneous or who is the satisfaction or interesting quality castle have."

In fact, Encanto is the word Disney has actually chosen to title their next Latino-inspired animated film.

The film attributes multiple Afro-Latino characters and also songs through Lin-Manuel Miranda and Carlos Vives.

What is the Disney film Encanto about?

Encanto will certainly take location in the hills of Colombia. 

The tale adheres to the Madrigals, that live in an enchanted place where every son gets extraordinary powers, or an Encanto - except one.

Mirabel, 15, is the odd one out, and also she struggles to find her place in she family.


Latina actress Stephanie Beatriz will certainly voice MirabelCredit: BackGrid

However, once her family’s magic i do not care endangered, she should use she ordinary presents to conserve Encanto. 

Latina gibbs Stephanie Beatriz will voice Mirabel.

“I’m Colombian on mine father’s side, and playing this role fills me with immense pride," Beatriz said around starring in the film.

“As a Disney kid, I’d burn through my VHS tapes and adored every solitary magical story the the civilization of Disney presented me to.

"I learned in those that stories that anything is possible, particularly if you think in magic and the quality rooted deep inside united state all.”



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When does Encanto release?

Encanto hits theaters in the united state on November 24, 2021.

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Check out the miracle trailer below.


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