A disclaimer: every one of these points were written through undue confidence. Aside from my flowery imagination, I have actually no factor to believe any of these are true.

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1. Accepting there is no messaging

So you an intricate a dude; girlfriend don’t have actually his number but you do have his very first and last name and also his facebook page open up on the screen in front of you. “Oh, fuck it!” you say. You hover the mouse over the “Add Friend” button, turn the other way and click choose the reckless gal the you are. You begin off giddy and also then, with every passing minute that he no accept, less giddy and more insecure. Finally, three days later and wholly downcast, you are informed that the has ultimately accepted—and it is it. No blog post to go together with it; not also a “like.” and so that settled: the either has actually a girl friend or should be gay. In other words, he isn’t down. **STAMPED: no DTF**

2. Agree with prompt message

Conversely, the time it bring away a to like to accept a friend request is really a moot allude if the acceptance is sent out in tandem with a an individual message. Since in this instance they are clearly DTF.

3. A an individual birthday message

One of the very few useful Facebook attributes is its brochure of birthdays. Date of birth protocol on on facebook is greatly lazy; we have actually all reached a point where a just “HBD” will certainly send us, heart aflutter, into a state of supreme confidence. Placed differently, the criter we organize for others have plunged dramatically. Therefore if a crush sends out you a personal message on facebook wishing you a happy birthday, don’t create it off as casual. This human being is suspiciously DTF, think you me, and don’t girlfriend forget it. Unless, of course, the personal message is “HBD.” climate this human being is simply an asshole.

4. Commenting ~ above an write-up you posted

The worth of a Facebook write-up these job is diminishing quicker than you have the right to say “pumpernickel.” with so numerous pointless posts cramming your feed every day, the content of these write-ups have started to organize less meaning than the comments underneath. There are two ways a crush can go once commenting on her post: the DTF route or the no DTF route. The former is vaguely flirtatious, with a compliment thrown in somewhere; the last is commonly a direct solution to the write-up you posted, with heavy word choice and didactic language. Learn it and also don’t acquire it twisted.

5. One old photo gaining love

Nothing says DTF like one of your 2009-era on facebook photos obtaining some arbitrarily love. Together behavior suggests that your entire history of tagged on facebook photos was just thoroughly investigated; and that your picture albums were just raped in the butt. As in, lot exertion, v. Crushing.

6. Learning crucial information around crush with his or she posts

Dutifully noting the Facebook task of a crush, even if it does no involve you, deserve to be an extremely revealing of one’s DTF level. Because that instance, if a male you’ve been seeing articles something like, “Off to Colombia! Cartagena below I come!” and also this fact was unbeknownst to you, climate he’s 1) significantly lame and 2) no DTF.

7. Being asked by a dude to watch him jerk off

On the other hand, if a dude sends out you the ol’ “will you watch me jerk off?” message, then you deserve to be pretty sure he’s DTF. Despite it is very feasible that he’s DTF in less of a conventional and much more of a “sexting fetish” kind-of-way.

8. Your “I’m returning home” post gets liked

Perhaps you’ve been working abroad for the previous year and finally have time to come home. Perhaps you want to secure part DTF potentials prior to your arrival. Just how do you do it, girlfriend ask? Why, the ol’ “NYC get ready for me! house in 2 days!!” post, the course. Liking this write-up is another method of telling the writer the said post that she 50% DTF, yet not quite ready for the level of commitment implicit in personal messages

9. Playful banter

If someone tries to spark up some playful banter through you on Facebook, castle DDTF—as in, desperately down to fuck. This is the type of boy you have the right to guarantee will certainly come right over in ~ the sound the a 2am loot call. Placed ’em in your back pocket; they’re no going anywhere.

10. If posting top top their wall garners one “like”

Posting something to a crush’s wall surface can reason all sorts of anxiety-induced rashes—hives, boils, psoriasis, you surname it. The recipient knows this, and therefore additionally knows that their response carries much weight. Once your post garners nothing but a measly “like,” it’s time to litter in the towel because your like is—BOOM!— no DTF.

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11. Receiving a party invitation

Getting invite to a party is not at every a authorize that the person is DTF and if you occur to glean this indigenous a simple invite, then there’s a good chance you’re socially stunted.

12. Receiving one indirect party invitation

And yet, the astonishing how different in nature the straight party invite is native the indirect one. If a dude invites you come his friend’s party—and it’s clean he no dole the end invites in a state that reckless abandon—then that is DTF.