From the Aston boy name DB1 through to the DB9, many of company’s ideal remembered cars have actually worn the letters DB, however what do those two letters was standing for?


In 1947 David Brown and also his tractor firm bought the end both Aston Martin and also Lagonda, and also effectively merged the two operations.

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From 1950 onwards, Aston Martin, under Brown’s directorship, arisen sports coupes, convertibles and roadsters bearing his initials, DB.

Intriguingly the first car come wear to it is in christened through the DB prefix was actually the 1950 come 1953 Aston martin DB2. 1948’s new Aston boy name model, the very first to be occurred under Brown’s ownership, was originally dubbed the Aston martin 2-Litre Sports, however is now retroactively referred to as the DB1.

Since then one of Aston Martin’s mainline models has actually worn the DB badge, back the company skipped over the DB8 name in favour that DB9, because it fear that people would think the the vehicle had an 8-cylinder engine quite a V12.

This might mean the there will certainly be no manufacturing DB10 model, back the agency has produced a restricted number of DB10s for the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre.

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What does the DB in Aston Martin’s models was standing for?


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