When girlfriend think around it, Darth Vader there is no his mask is very metaphoric. Together a dad of two boys, ns am both Anakin Skywalker and also Darth Vader.

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When Darth Vader bring away his mask off, the transforms right into who he really is. Us all walk around with masks on; it"s a need as parents. Us must have actually both a side the rules through an iron fist as well as a softer, much more personable side to us. Yet which is ours true self?

The top scene where Darth Vader (aka Anakin Skywalker) removes his mask and also reveals himself to Luke will constantly be etched into my memory. It"s one of the most renowned scenes in the entire franchise, and also one that"s quoted through dads everywhere. I remember, as a young child watching the movies for the very first time, wonder what the actual Darth Vader looked favor underneath his looming black color helmet.

Even then ns knew there had actually to be an ext to that than just what we had actually seen for this reason far. Here"s the initial scene:

I am Darth Vader. I am Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader to be an imposing figure on the screen, and represented an authoritarian fatherly presence. He to be distant and disconnected together Darth Vader, however when he take it his helmet off, he became Anakin Skywalker again. As soon as he take it his helmet off, even if just for a couple of minutes, he ended up being a dad, too. He to be no much longer the masked tyrant leader that the galaxy feared. That was now Luke"s father, too.

I occasionally feel like my boys watch me this method as well - together a dad and also as a father. As a nurturer and as a "tyrant ruler", forcing castle to execute things lock don"t desire to execute (like clean their rooms).

I respectfully disagree. Here"s our new an interpretation of dad and also why us think the words room not the same.

Walking the line in between a nurturer and tyrant ruler.

I don"t know around you, yet I struggle with this challenge. On one hand, I desire to it is in the nurturing, caring and also doting dad. And also in a many ways and also many times i am.

But on the other hand, my guys don"t listen to me. Lock don"t perform what ns ask. They do me repeat myself and sometimes they even talk back.

The Darth Vader in me comes out, and I end up being the enforcer. Is this just the way the civilization works? ns remember as a kid, together I"m sure numerous others do, if i was misbehaving the day my mom would say, "you simply wait till your father come home...". Note she claimed "father" and also not "dad". She was warning me the Darth Vader"s arrival, not Anakin Skywalker.

The picture you view at the top of this write-up is native the Star battles Launch just attraction in ~ Disney"s Hollywood Studios layout park in Walt Disney World, Orlando. You deserve to look Darth Vader right in the eyes just the way Luke must have done virtually 30 years ago.

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What carry out you think? just how do friend walk the line in between Darth Vader and also Anakin Skywalker? I"d love come hear your stories in the comments below.