If did you do it heard the terms “carat weight” and also “total carat weight” as soon as referring to diamonds but you room not sure how these two concepts differ, review on. If you are considering to buy a diamond ring, because that example, you should recognize what that is advertised carat weight yes, really means.

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What Is Diamond Carat Weight?

The load of diamonds is measure up in carats. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams (0.2 grams). Carats are further split into points, and one suggest represents one hundredth of a carat; or, in various other words, one carat consists of 100 points.


Total Carat weight is the sum of the individual carat weights of every diamonds in a item of jewelry.

Diamond carat is abbreviation “ct” (or “CT”)as in 1 ct; girlfriend can additionally see carat load denoted through “cw” or “CW.”

Another abbreviation offered for the same thing is “dw” (or “DW”), which way “diamond weight.”

Diamonds the the exact same carat weight perform not necessarily look the exact same size.

How huge a diamond will certainly look likewise depends on the proportions that its cut and on the setup that the rock is placed in.

What Is full Carat Weight and How Is it Different?

Total carat weight is a ax that frequently confuses customers together they wrongly assume that it way the exact same as carat weight.

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Remember: Carat weight is supplied to describe the load of a solitary diamond.

Total Carat Weight, ~ above the various other hand, is supplied to median the amount of the separation, personal, instance carat weights of all diamonds in a item of jewelry.

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So, how is total carat load denoted? The many widely provided abbreviations are “ctw” (or “CTW”), or just TW, and also “dtw” (or “DTW”), which method “diamond total weight.”

For example, if you space told the a ring has one diamond that is 1 ct and two smaller sized ones that room 0.5 ct each, then the item will have actually a complete carat load of two carats and will be advertised as a ring the 2 CTW.

Alternatively, if a ring is labeled together being 1 CTW on its price tag, this method that the sum of the weights of every diamonds in that totals to 1 carat, yet this info tells friend nothing around the precise weight that any solitary stone.

If you look at every of these diamond rings and also click on any kind of one because that details, girlfriend will see that the specifications list the load of that is diamonds as “total carat” — the very same thing as CTW/DTW.

Important inquiries to Ask once Buying

If you room buying a item of jewelry v diamonds and there is a center stone (the greatest diamond), you have to specifically ask about the individual carat weight of the diamond.

The central stone is the most visible one and is commonly of the greatest quality compared with the smaller sized diamonds in the setting.

That’s why the main stone will often be the diamond v the most weight in the price that the ring, and also knowing this diamond’s carat weight will allow you to number out how great of a deal you room getting.

The following question you must ask is: What are the carat weights of the smaller diamonds in the ring (also referred to as “diamond accents”)?

These stones are regularly of lower quality together they space not together visible together the main stone. Discovering the carat weights of the center stone and the diamond accents will allow you come compare different rings and choose the finest price.

For example, a ring with 10 tiny stones and also a CTW of 2 ct is not equivalent to one that has the same CTW the 2 ct yet has one big stone and also two smaller sized ones. Usually, enlarge diamonds price disproportionately more than smaller stones of similar quality.

Also, the bigger rock in the 2nd ring is likely to have much better color, cut and clarity as a main stone 보다 each the the 10 small stones in the first ring.

If that’s really the case, you shouldn’t be paying the same price for the very first ring just due to the fact that it has actually the exact same CTW (assuming all other qualities of both rings, such together metals and also settings, room comparable).

In sum, when you check out the total carat weight on the label of a item of jewelry you like, constantly ask because that a malfunction of this worth by single stones, if that information is no listed.

Check the end these diamond ring settings and also see how they room priced depending on what type of diamonds lock contain and also how large the stones are.

Diamond Carats and also Prices

When looking in ~ diamond prices, you should keep in mind that bigger stones are much rarer to discover than smaller sized ones that the exact same quality.

That’s why, together stones in a offered quality range go up in size, their prices rise by an also greater factor.

For instance, a 2 ct diamond is not twice together expensive as a 1 ct stone of the same quality, but the actual price have the right to be an ext than three or four times higher.

To watch prices because that diamonds of different carat weight, inspect out this loosened diamond find engine, in i m sorry you deserve to search diamonds by carat, color, clarity, and also cut.

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Remember to to compare diamonds with similar characteristics. Distinctions in carat weight between two stones mean nothing if your cut, color and clarity are dramatically different.

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