We obtain asked every the time, “What’s the difference in between Los Cabos and also Cabo mountain Lucas?” that can gain confusing through all the different Cabos, so we assumed we’d burned some light on the region and our key tourist areas to help you out. If you visiting Los Cabos (which we’ll explain much more in a second!), we would love to take you the end for an adventure in ours beautiful region.

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At High tide Los Cabos, us offer everything from surf lessons to canyon hiking and also so much more. Join us because that an adventure and also feel totally free to call us any type of time with any kind of questions.

Now, stop dive into the differences between Cabo, Cabo san Lucas, mountain José del Cabo, and Los Cabos…

Aerial see of the marina at Cabo mountain LucasThe marina in Cabo mountain Lucas

Is Los Cabos the exact same as Cabo san Lucas?

Los Cabos is the region at the southern guideline of Baja California Sur. We have actually tons of ideas for fun things to execute on the Baja Peninsula, which has Baja California in the north and Baja California Sur in the south.

Within Los Cabos, you’ll find Cabo san Lucas and also San José del Cabo. These 2 towns space the 2 Cabos, or Los Cabos.

It’s straightforward to see exactly how it gets confusing for visitors! To top it off, many human being refer to Cabo mountain Lucas as just “Cabo” even though there’s another Cabo simply up the road. Typically, Cabo describes Cabo san Lucas if Los Cabos could mean the whole region or the two towns: Cabo mountain Lucas and also San José del Cabo.

There is certainly a difference in between Cabo mountain Lucas and San José del Cabo. When Los Cabos has both, it’s important to understand which one far better suits your vacation preferences prior to you publication your accommodations. Lucky for you, our High birds adventure tours run from both towns and also cover all of Los Cabos!

Colorful structures in the facility of san José del Cabo in Los Cabos MexicoCenter of san José del Cabo

Which is better: Cabo mountain Lucas or san José del Cabo?

The two Cabos are really different and also appeal to different species of visitors. The course, we offer tours indigenous both locations, so we’re open to travellers of every types! To provide you one idea of locations and activities, take a look at this map the Los Cabos mirroring the difference in between Cabo san Lucas and also San José del Cabo:

High birds Los Cabos tours and activities map

As you can see, san José del Cabo is located about a 20-minute drive follow me the shore from Cabo san Lucas. The Los Cabos international Airport is located in san José del Cabo, i m sorry is where many tourists arrive.

In san José del Cabo, you’ll discover a quaint, classic Mexican town with style reflecting the Spanish early american era. Family-owned restaurants and lots of boutique art galleries make san José del Cabo an idyllic remain for society enthusiasts and also those seeking a quiet getaway in beautiful surroundings.

Art galleries and also colorful structures in the facility of mountain José del CaboSan José del Cabo

Cabo mountain Lucas, ~ above the various other hand, is recognized as a party town with several resorts and also bars catering come the late-night crowds. If you want to let loosened and dance until your feet hurt, Cabo san Lucas is her spot!

If girlfriend hear who say castle going to Cabo, castle probably mean Cabo san Lucas. It’s taken on the shortened variation over the years even though there’s more than one Cabo.

As us mentioned, that only about a 20-minute drive in between the Cabos, lined with hotels follow me the coast. You might absolutely check out both towns during your visit come Los Cabos, so nothing worry about having to choose in between the two! yet you don’t want to invest every work traipsing ago and forth by car. For this reason it’s ideal to choose Cabo mountain Lucas or san José del Cabo to spend the bulk of your time and then simply visit the other to check out the distinctions for yourself.

Why visit Los Cabos?

Now that you recognize the difference in between Los Cabos, Cabo san Lucas, and also San José del Cabo, let united state tell you all the factors why you must visit!

People wade on the beach in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a beautiful region offering desert and also sea every in one small space. You deserve to go long in the canyons and finish your day v a cold cocktail on the beach at sunset. You deserve to go surfing in the morning and drive a 4×4 through the desert in the afternoon. Los Cabos yes, really does sell something for everyone!

If she seeking Mexican culture and regional traditions, stay in san José del Cabo and also take benefit of the locally-owned facilities there. You can spend your mornings in ~ the coast or paddling the end in a kayak and then dig right into a regional dish while dining al fresco for a be safe evening.

If you want to party all night in Cabo san Lucas, offer yourself extra time in the morning come ease right into your day. And definitely take advantage of an afternoon siesta! that still pipeline plenty the time because that snorkeling, kayaking, or trying your hand in ~ stand-up paddle boarding (SUP).

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Whatever interests you most, choose the finest place to stay in Los Cabos the suits your needs. Even if it is you’re in mountain José del Cabo or Cabo mountain Lucas, we have pick-up locations for all our awesome adventure tours. Join us for some fun in the sunlight at High tide Los Cabos! If friend still have actually questions around the differences in between the two Cabos and also where you must visit, feel cost-free to with out and also we’d it is in happy come help.