"Nutrition: An advice for Argo," from Time magazine Friday, Jul. 28, 1967: once I"m pregnant, it"s similar to taking dope," said the black woman bearing her 9th child in ~ the ar of Columbia general Hospital in Washington. "I have the right to hardly wait to acquire home so ns can gain some more starch," she added, referring no to starchy foods but to wash starch. "Sometimes I"ll eat two or three boxes a day."

To your astonishment, northern doctors have lately discovered that eating laundry strength is every the rage among Negro women—especially pregnant women—in plenty of Northern-city slums. At D.C. General Hospital, cook Obstetrician Dr. Earnest Lowe estimates that as much as one-fourth that his patients room starch addicts. At Los Angeles county Hospital, three or four patients a week room diagnosed as having actually anemia apparently led to by starch binges.

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Magnesia & Matzo. According to the few doctors who have actually studied the subject, the craving for laundry strength is an offshoot the the clay-eating habit quiet prevalent amongst some southern Negroes. Those who move North periodically receive packages that clay (known together "Mississippi Mud" in Los Angeles) mailed through friends ago home, however most move to wash starch, which is less complicated to obtain and apparently satisfies the exact same hunger.

Across the country, the desired brand is Argo Gloss Starch, obtainable in either the economy-size blue box at 19¢ or the handy red box at 11¢. Both save chewy lumps that taste, according to one gourmet, favor "a cross between milk the magnesia and matzo. The structure is the of an after-dinner mint." favor peanuts, one handful leader to another. "After a box of it," claimed one woman, "my throat gets kind of sticky, so i go and also get a big glass of ice cream water. Then I acquire a powerful desire for more." some enthusiasts spice laundry starch with salt and also pepper; others munch it with ice chips. A couple of housewives to wash it down through Coke.
Inexpensive Psychiatry. Argo to represent say the their wash product contains nothing but cornstarch, a common thickener because that soups and also desserts. (They likewise say the starch-eating habit is "rare.") follow to medical opinion, eating big amounts of to wash starch frequently brings ~ above anemia by blocking the body"s absorb of iron. Some medical professionals state that overeating laundry starch may also cause a deficiency the folic acid, i beg your pardon in pregnant females may lead to premature births or bleeding near shipment time.

Whether strength gobbling results from a physical need or a social habit is a minor clinical mystery. Follow to Manhattan Internist bother Roselle, who sees many instances at St. Luke"s Hospital, Negro ladies nibble starch in time of stress and anxiety as a type of "inexpensive psychiatry." plenty of Negroes think that starch stays clear of nausea throughout pregnancy. Indeed, some doctors agree that starch most likely does soothe "morning sickness," though more than likely only for psychological reasons. Unfortunately, the other effects are every bad. (source: Time Magazine, 28 July 1967)
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WELL i EAT IT and also IM not PREGNANT. Ns LOVE THE TASTE and TEXTURE. Occasionally WHEN I have IT IN my CAR, I put WATER IN IT and LET IT dry MAKING it CRUNCHY.

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I learned about pernicious anemia and the cravings the accompany it. The perform included,among various other things, wash starch. The above article echoes what ns hear in mine community; the starch causes anemia. I Hope much more info surfaces. The bit about starch eating being an offshoot the clay that clay eating is merely wrong. I accredit the blatant error to the time of the article and the marginalization the Black issues prevalent in the day.I expect to find more info on the starch eating issue.