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The Italian word for angel looks and also sounds extremely comparable to its English equivalent: angelo (masculine, plural: angeli).

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IPA: /ˈan.dʒe.lo/

Angeli play crucial role in the Christian religion, as they are thought to be divine messengers that heaven (paradiso) sent to planet to act as intermediaries between God (Dio) and his people. In art and also literature, they are often depicted with wings (ali) and a halo (aureola) over their heads, singing and also playing musical instruments (strumenti musicali).

L’angelo è un simbolo di purezza e innocenza.

The point of view is a prize of purity and also innocence.

One the the most popular angels is the cherub (cherubino), a chubby male kid with wings lot like Cupid (Cupido).

Two cherubs (due cherubini) in a famed painting by Raffaello

Below are some other kinds of angels you could have heard of:

angelo della neve = snow angelangelo caduto = collapse angelangelo custode = guardian angelangelo della morte = angel of deatharcangelo = archangel

Angelo is one of many terms the endearment you can use v your partner whereas angioletto have the right to be one affectionate nickname for a young child.

Tu sei il mio angelo!

You’re mine angel!

It additionally serves as the basis because that the adjective angelico which means angelic or of angels.

Finally we have the idiom discutere sul sesso degli angeli which literally equates as to debate the sex of the angels. It way that you space debating something useless or talking about nothing that importance.

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