Baseball position chart. Go you ever wonder “What is a 6-4-3 dual play”? Or the what the “3-4 hole” refers to? This write-up clarifies that occasionally mysterious baseball lingo through a diagram and descriptions of the baseball location by number.

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Which positions room represented through which numbers? walk you ever before wonder “What perform the numbers prior to a dual or triple beat mean?” or “What is a 6-4-3 dual play”? Or the what the “3-4 hole” ad to?

There are nine numbered location on a baseball field. The numbers room most typically used, fairly than composing the player’s name or the name of the position, when maintaining a scorecard. Below is the list of baseball positions by number:

Baseball location by Number


1. Pitcher (P) 2. Catcher (C) 3. 1st Base (1B) 4. 2nd Base (2B) 5. 3rd Base (3B) 6. Shortstop (SS) 7. Left field (LF) 8. Facility Field (CF) 9. Right ar (RF)

So, as an example, a 6 4 3 twin play means the shortstop fielded the ball and also threw it come the second baseman, that turned the double play by throwing the to first base.

I have actually been shocked to find how numerous charts in so-called baseball recommendation works gain this wrong.

Just the various other day, ns was analysis a baseball publication in Barnes N Noble, and was surprised the the number for second base and also shortstop were mixed up. “This need to be a typo,” I thought at first, yet the mistake was repeated throughout the entire book.


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Well, have no fear. Permit me put to rest any doubts v the baseball place chart above.

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