How have the right to we get our college student to normally refer ago to a text for evidence to earlier up your answers to questions? through habit-building text evidence activities!One of the easiest means for youngsters to begin this habit is to usage the 5 Ws to teach message evidence. (Who, what, when, where, and also why.) The best component about this strategy is the you can conveniently use fiction or nonfiction text!


Model Text evidence With a 5W graphic Organizer

Use graphic organizers, like this one contained in our Lucky little Toolkit to present the ide of text evidence with the 5W questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

1- start with a brief read aloud, and also model going earlier into the text to uncover answers come the 5W questions.

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2- fill in the text proof anchor chart with certain information you uncovered in the text. Read THIS short article for more text proof anchor graph examples.

Repeat this procedure as numerous times as required to present your students just how to refer directly to the details in a message to much better understand it, and to answer inquiries in a more specific way.

Guided Text evidence Activities

When your students are ready to apply this skill to their simply right text, practice text evidence using the 5 Ws with short reading passages.

Read the passage one text chunk in ~ a time through each group and search because that answers come the 5Ws. Refer to the 5W graphic organizer together needed.

Guided Reading example Using Fiction

1- Prepare leveled reading passages for each of her groups.

Above 2nd Grade Level Readers

At second Grade Level Readers

Below 2nd Grade Level Readers


Each week for 16 weeks, a new set of totally free reading passages will be ceded by email.

sign increase for totally free Reading Passages

2nd class Fiction Text proof Leveled reading Passages

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2- read the first chunk the text.

Note: scaffold the analysis as needed, relying on the reading abilities of every group. Because that example, you might need to read smaller chunks of message with your listed below grade level groups. Your greater groups may be able to read silently on your own.

3- Go v the 5Ws one at a time making use of prompts to help kids find for evidence.

Note: permit your students to underline, highlight, or circle the evidence straight on the text.

WHO – who is this chunk that text mainly about?

Get students into the habit of making use of details from the text to answer the 5W questions. A good way to perform this is by asking the follow up concern – exactly how do you know?

Above second Grade Level Readers
At 2nd Grade Level Readers
Below 2nd Grade Level Readers

WHAT – What is continue in this part of the story?

It may aid to tell children to think of the what as story events. What taken place first, next, and last?

Above 2nd Grade Level Readers
At 2nd Grade Level Readers
Below 2nd Grade Level Readers

WHEN/ WHERE: When/ where go these events happen?

By this point, students will be acquiring the cave of underlining details evidence come answer questions.

Above second Grade Level Readers
At 2nd Grade Level Readers
Below second Grade Level Readers

WHY – Why walk the character reaction in this way?

There are plenty of different direction you deserve to go through “why”. Different types of text will loan themselves to various “why” types of questions. Role to the following section for instances of various “why” concerns you might ask your students. Because that “After school Clubs”, a question about why the main character is reaction a particular method will assist with understanding most.

Above second Grade Level Readers
At second Grade Level Readers
Below 2nd Grade Level Readers

Prompts to aid Kids through the 5Ws


…is mentioned most often?…does the passage mainly talk about?…are the characters?


…is keep going in the passage?…details help us recognize what is keep going in the passage?…happened?…events happened?…is this passage largely about?…is this i teaching us about?

When & Where:

Where and when go the story take it place?When did that happen?Where did that happen?When and where walk this take it place?


…is the character acting in a specific way?…is the text providing this information?…are things turning out this way?…did the conflict/ problem happen?

Independent Text proof Activities

Reading Passage comprehension Questions

Ask students come answer the comprehension questions because that the very same guided reading passage.

The comprehension questions are leveled as well so you can copy lock on the back!

Take a look:

Reading Toothy

Reading Toothy helps children practice class level analysis standards – in a fun game-like format. There are 360 high-interest reading passages and/or scenarios come go with each analysis skill – text proof included!

Your student can additionally use gadgets to beat Digital reading Toothy!

Check out the video to see reading Toothy in action:


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Use the image listed below to save this write-up to her Pinterest board for future reference.

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