ns seem to always have a trouble v this one; what do you call a human that functions in a store? A clerk? A sales person? no of this sound right. Saying "person that functions in the store" doesn"t work-related that fine either.

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Is over there a general solitary word that I have the right to use that represents "a human that functions in a store".




In the UK we have shop assistant yet there are more specific terms favor checkout girl and also the probably pejorative shelf-stacker, and also the general shopworker, retail worker and also so on. The best word come use probably depends on what your human being actually does.


In Canada we have:

salespersons who sell you item (we supplied to have actually salesmen too), cashiers who simply work at the cash register and also don"t help you in picking items,managers, andspecialty workers such as butchers, bakers, etc.

So there isn"t a solitary word that would certainly cover every persons functioning in a store. I expect salesperson could be the most typical position.


I"m pretty sure you are in search of the native "associate."

According to Merriam-Webster"s third entry because that "associate" (noun):

2.b. Employee, worker

This is often used in conjunction v a modifier to do it much more specific, such as:

Sales Associate, sleeve Associate, etc.

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but is commonly used through itself together well.

"I"m waiting for an combine to check the storeroom because that my size."

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