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You’ll likewise find jokes about Thomas the Tank Engine and some that his friends on this page – or you have the right to visit a page devoted to jokes about Thomas and Friends.

Fun Fact: because that the take care of Potter fans the end there – the hogwart Express is a actual train i m sorry runs across 84 miles of railway in the united kingdom (in west Scotland). If you’re in Scotland, you can ride ~ above it!

Kids Train Jokes

Q: how did the locomotive get so great at it’s job? A: Training

Q: once does a hare go exactly as quick as a train? A: when it’s a passenger top top the train.

Q: What do you call a train loaded v bubble gum? A: A chew-chew train

Q: Why were the railroad tracks angry? A: because people are always crossing them.

Q: What carry out you offer a train conductor because that his birthday? A: platform shoes!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the railroad track? A: To acquire to the other siding.

Q: i beg your pardon train auto has antlers? A: The Camoose.

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Q: Why couldn’t the train sit down? A: It had a red caboose!

Q: how do trains hear what you’re saying? A: v the engineers!

Q: What is the difference between a college teacher and also a train driver? A: A school teacher tells you to spit the end your gum, but a train driver states “choo choo choo”

Q: exactly how do you find a missing train? A: follow the tracks

Q: What execute you call a train that sneezes? A: Achoo-achoo train.

Q: How can you tell that a train passed by? A. You have the right to see it’s tracks

Q: Why is the railroad angry? A: due to the fact that people are constantly crossing it!

Q: Why can’t the train technician be shocked? A: because he’s not a conductor!

Q: What happened to the male that take it the train home? A: He had to give it back!

Q: Why was the train late? A: it kept obtaining side tracked.

Q: Why couldn’t the heavy steam engine sit down? A. It had a soft behind

Q: What perform you call a locomotive through a cold? A: Achoo achoo train.

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Q: What’s as huge as a locomotive, however weighs nothing? A: It’s shadow.

Q: Why don’t elephants prefer to drive on trains? A: They dislike leaving your trunks in the package car.

Q: What go the mommy steam engine say come her infant engine at dinner? A: Make certain you choo choo

Q: If an electric train is heading south, which method would the vapor be blowing? A: It’s an electric train so over there isn’t any kind of steam.

Q: Why was that train engine humming? A: that didn’t recognize the words.

Q: Why did the train have actually bubble gum? A: He wanted to go Choo Choo

Q: What execute you contact a dramatic railway? A: A beat station

Q: What carry out you call a train that eats gum? A: A chew, chew train.

Q: What kind of a train go a crazy technician drive? A: A LOCOmotive.

Q: What happened when the train do a wrong on the job? A: His ceo chew-chewed that out.

Q: that investigates railroad crimes? A: Scotland Train-Yard Thomas the Train Jokes

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Q: What did thomas say after Gordon assisted him out of the mineshaft? A: Tank you!

Q: What carry out you obtain when you overcome a Tram Engine and also Shakespeare? A: Toby or not toby, the is the question.

Q: Why can’t Duck aid the various other engines on Sodor? A: due to the fact that his windshield is qwacked.





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