I"m a native usmam.org speak in the U.S. Newly I checked out the location where my local university processes dairy right into various cheeses and ice cream. This are offered in a little store/shop ~ above campus. Is over there a term for such a place? I thought of "dairy shop" however that sound odd for part reason and I don"t recall hearing the before; in spite of the comparable "butcher shop" and also "ice cream shop" gift obvious and also common to mine ears.

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For high quality steaks and also special cuts of meat, visit a butcher shop.

For high quality ice cream and special cheeses, visit a _____

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The closest pointer I have the right to think of is creamery.

creamery - Technically a production plant that processes cream, yet can be provided to describe a retail outlet. Example.

Consider also:

dairy (New new zealand usmam.org) - A convenience store. Sells milk, ice cream cream, newspapers, cigarettes etc.

Can you walk to the dairy to pick up part milk?

delicatessen (often shortened to deli) - A shop offering delicacies, consisting of fine cheeses, and also less typically ice cream, and likewise meats, salads, olives, etc.

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I"ve heard such a place dubbed simply, "a dairy".

According come thefreedictionary.com, "dairy (n): 1. A commercial establishment for handling or offering milk and also milk products."

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If cheese is the primary product, consider Cheesemonger :

A person who sell cheese, butter, and also other dairy products.

This is chiefly BrE.

Caveat: periodically cheesemongers, in Britain and also Ireland at least, use fancy French names like La Crèmerie or La Fromagerie.

Example usage from oxforddictionaries.com

From specialist cheesemongers to butchers, bakers, and fishmongers - we desire to know around the smaller food retailers that carry out the finest produce.

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A basic such as you explain used to elegant the campus of the college of Vermont. (For the geographically distant, vermont is a tiny dairy-producing state in the northeastern US. The is the residence of us Senator Bernie Sanders.)

Generations of Catamounts have sweet memory of the UVM dairy product Bar, a hopping campus school that dished out ice cream and also other dairy provisions in Carrigan hall for 45 years, native 1950 to 1995. Those that frequented the establishment as college student will acknowledge a familiar challenge in mar Dion, who offered up many cones and also casual conversation in ~ the dairy Bar counter for end 20 years. Not lengthy after the closure of its publicly outfit, Carrigan helped to help the development of another Vermont ice cream institution once Ben Cohen and Jerry green field of Ben & jerry’s made use of the check kitchen when they to be in between facilities for a year.


The ax Dairy Shop appears uncommon, perhaps due to the fact that ice cream (e.g., Ben and Jerry"s) and cheeses (e.g., Cabot) are not commonly sold with each other in specialty emporia.