Today is tooth Fairy Day! The tooth Fairy has actually her very own day two times a year (she’s for this reason nice us celebrate her twice!) and there space some fun things you have to know around her.

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1. As soon as a son looses your teeth, a gold bubble with that child’s name shows up in the this fairy’s castle. She takes every the bubbles v her when she collects the teeth, and also puts the this in the child’s balloon so it can float back to she castle and also she can fly on come the next lost tooth. Once the tooth Fairy starts she nightly visits, she carries every the bubbles on strings like large bouquet the balloons. By the moment the night is over, the critical bubble containing the critical tooth helps her float home.

2. The tooth Fairy’s residence is make of the teeth she collects. The is a huge, white castle v towers and also a sparkling moat. The this Fairy is very specific about the teeth she collects and also uses for she castle, therefore if the child’s tooth has actually a cavity or dark spot, she will certainly throw the poor tooth into the mouth of a big cave wherein it will be ground up right into fairy dust.

3. The this Fairy is very tiny and really quiet. She can float v closed windows and walls v her magic powers. If a child starts to stir, or wake up, when she is replacing your tooth v money, she place them back to sleep through the sprinkling of her fairy dust.

4. The this Fairy works an extremely closely v Dream Fairies, who banish nightmares and also make certain all children have sweet dreams. It is the biggest honor in the land because that a Dream Fairy to be made into a this Fairy, and, before she retires, the this Fairy choose the Dream Fairy who has actually banished the most negative dreams come take she place.

5. The this Fairy provides her money v her magic wand, for this reason don’t be surprised if a small glitter mirrors up on the money she pipeline you.

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6. The tooth Fairy pipeline an average of $3.70 every tooth, a 42% rise from 2011. Kid’s in the North east earn around $4.10 per tooth. A lucky 10% of youngsters will find an ext than $5.00 under your pillows because that each tooth, and also an even luckier 6% will find $20.00 or more. Sometimes, however, the this Fairy realizes the she has gained a small out of regulate with her spending, so around 36% of kids will obtain a disagreement or less per tooth.