Hamsters space classified as tiny rodents and are a really common pet. These cute little animals usually have actually large, round, dark eyes, which often show up bright and also shiny.

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In the wild, hamsters tend to live in underground burrows, wherein they construct nests. Generally, they room nocturnal creatures, sleeping during the day and also are more active in ~ night once they search for food. If you own a hamster, girlfriend might currently know they room nocturnal due to the fact that you frequently hear your tiny friend to run on his wheel or approximately his cage in ~ night time. Yet what about their eyesight? and can they check out in the dark?

Generally, hamsters have actually a call for having negative eyesight, however is it actually true? and can they see colors? In this article, we will certainly answer all these questions and put every the myths come rest! us will also discover how hamster’s eye work and how well they can actually see during the day and night.

How your Eyes Work


The in its entirety structure and duty of a hamster’s eye is similar to other mammals, choose us people or even dogs.

Hamsters have large eyes, for their little size, come maximize the amount of irradiate entering their eyes. A fun reality is the a hamster’s eye is approximately 2.5 times bigger 보다 that of a mouse.

Now let’s find out just how their eyes in reality work…

Light passes with the front surface of the eye, a transparent safety lining dubbed theIt then goes v the pupil, a circular opening which controls the quantity of irradiate entering the eye. It can expand in dark lighting and also becomes smaller in glowing light.Next, the light passes through the lens, which helps to emphasis the light.Finally, the light hits the retina, at the earlier of the eye. The retina is the layer of light receptor cell at the really back of the eye.These receptors deliver the light, right into an electric message, which travels to the brain via the optic nerve. The mind processes the photos and permits the hamster come see.

That is a nice cool process, right!? But, do hamsters have great eyesight? and can they check out in the dark? Let’s find out a bit more information about how well they can see.

How much Can Hamsters See


Hamsters are nearsighted. This way they deserve to see things close to their face, yet cannot check out things far away. Hamsters can only really watch a few inches in prior of your face.In person eyes, the lens can readjust shape to help focus the light, and permit us to see objects at different distances. Hamsters have actually quite a strictly lens, i beg your pardon can’t adjust shape lot or emphasis light very well. Therefore, they cannot see objects i m sorry are more than a few inches in front of their face.

So, it is true that they have poor eyesight. However, they make up for this by using their whiskers to help “feel” things around them. They also rely on your senses of hearing and also smell, i beg your pardon are far better developed 보다 their eyesight, to help them sense danger and move around.

Can Hamsters view Well in Daylight?

Firstly, the is necessary to understand that the retina, the layer at the ago of the eye, contains two species of light receptor cells: the rods and the cones.

The rods are important for vision in dim light and at night.The cap are necessary for vision in glowing light, throughout the day and for color vision.

All pets have rods and cones, however they are existing in different amounts. Pets that are more active in ~ night, have an ext rod cells.

A hamster’s retina contains about 97% rods and also 3% cones.

As they have actually a short level the cone cells, which room responsible for vision in glowing light, they have actually poor vision during the day. Hence, why they space much an ext active at night. Cones are also responsible for color vision and the general sharpness of photos seen, as such hamsters have quite blurry eyesight.

Can Hamsters see in The Dark?

Hamsters have actually a large number the rod cell in their retinas, which are necessary for vision in low lighting. This is why lock are adapted to be more active in ~ night once they have the right to search for your food.

However, lock can’t view in finish darkness. They require at least a tiny bit of irradiate to have the ability to see. They have the right to see with the many accuracy throughout dawn and also dusk as soon as there space low irradiate conditions.


Are Hamsters shade Blind?

The cone cell in the retina are essential for vision in glowing light and also for shade vision. The cone cells additionally contain light-sensitive pigments dubbed opsins, which deserve to pick up various wavelengths or colors of light. We already know the hamsters have actually a low level the cone cells and also therefore have bad vision in the daytime.

Generally, hamsters space thought to be shade blind. Studies with Syrian hamsters found their eyesight to it is in monochromatic, definition they can’t differentiate in between different colors. However, some studies with Siberian Hamsters have uncovered that some hamsters were perceptible to blue and green irradiate stimuli. Therefore, it is now thought that some hamsters might be maybe to really faintly watch these colors!

Do Hamsters Blink?

Yes, hamsters perform blink their eyes. They simply do it very fast, so the it can be an overwhelming to check out sometimes. Amazingly, hamsters can blink one eye in ~ a time if they want.

Blinking is vital function the the eye because:

It help to spread out tears across the eye, keeping the surface moistIt helps to eliminate unwanted irritants from the surface ar of the eyeIt is a reflex to help protect the eye if other comes too close


To amount it up, hamsters execute have poor vision. Therefore, they additionally have to count on their whiskers, and also sense that smell and hearing to assist them get around.

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Their retina has actually a really high variety of rod cells and a low variety of cone cells, which allows them to see much better in dim light. This is why they are an ext active in ~ night time. Return hamsters room traditionally assumed to be color blind, studies are currently indicating that part hamsters may be able to faintly check out blue and green lights.

Now you recognize all about hamster’s eyes and also their ability to see. This can also help you to know their behavior a little better. Their negative vision may describe why hamsters are quickly startled if they are picked up too quickly or an object is moved towards them. Make your hamster’s life a small easier by transforming off shining lights near his cage, and try not to startle him!