I live top top a chicken farm and also I’d love to use the remains of my birds in my craft. I’ve to be looking into bone magic and also I think ns really feeling a connection. Ns doing my ideal to do some research however I can’t discover the symbolism for particularly chicken bones. If anyone has any good recorded to uncover what other animals can stand for I’d appreciate that too!

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Bone broth! frozen all your bones of every sorts till you have a whole pot full. Covering w water and also a tablespoon or much less of vinegar. Bring to a boil and also then short simmer because that 24hrs. Usage crockpot if you'd rather. Mash well regularly. After 24hrs strain. Bone broth is a wonderful healing drink. Keep jars that this on hand in her freezer. Friend can include many various herbs come it and make it together magickal together you want, however cooking house made broth is witchy top top its own.

If fresh i think of use in stock,stews and others. The bone divination mentioned and also you can also make a bone rune set as well. This bones can and do obtain used in Witches Ladder. Friend can also make a cable of them attached together by a vinegar soaking which makes them pliable sufficient to tie a node in even.These space some pretty cool creatures in their own rite and a useful pet spirit to get to understand Some good info HERE. ....

side note: that's simply something that popped in my head and couldn't find, that probably someone has any knowledge top top is, if pecking about this chicken info...the surname Persephone retained popping in my head yet saw no yes, really links???

There’s bone divination & several books out over there on the subject. Its renowned in southern Conjure. When heard a story of an old hoodoo/voodoo lady who would review your fortune, but you had to bring her cook chicken legs/wings. She’d eat castle then litter the skeleton & tell her fortune! Chicken feet are used for security & scratching away negativity as well. Got any kind of black chickens?


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