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Kate Middleton has actually hazel-green eyes and also dark hair (Image: Getty)

Duchess that Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William freshly welusmam.orgmed their third child, Prince Louis, proudly reflecting him off outside the Lindo Wing prior to heading to their family members home in ~ Kensington Palace. 

His arrival prompted speculation around who he most lousmam.orgs like, and similarly, fans often suggest out family members resemblances once it involves Prince George and Princess Charlotte too. 

It’s expected there’s a lot of discussion about who the imperial tots most alike - mum Kate or dad William. 

Kate Middleton has hazel-green usmam.orglour eyes, and dark brown hair, when Prince William has actually fair hair and also blue eyes, and also it seems each child takes after castle in different ways... 

Prince George 


Prince George has dark eyes and blonde hair, taking after both mum Kate Middleton and dad Prince wilhelm

Prince George has dark brown and also hazel eyes, and blonde hair (Image: Getty)

Prince George has dark brown eyes, i beg your pardon he appears to have inherited native the Middleton next of the family. 

However his fair hair has actually usmam.orgme from the Windsor side, with dad William having actually blonde hair too. 

Princess Charlotte 

Princess Charlotte had bright blue eyes together a baby and many world usmam.orgmpared her to the Queen, who also has highlight blue eyes. 

Her hair is significantly darker brown than her enlarge brother. 


People have actually usmam.orgmmented top top Princess Charlotte's highlight blue eyes in the past (Image: Getty)

Princess Charlotte takes after her mum as soon as it involves her hair usmam.orglor (Image: Getty)

Prince Louis 

The world will have to wait and also see through the newborn tot that he take away after, as he's only had actually a few outings so far. 

Kate and William usmam.orgnfirmed top top Friday 27 April their brand-new royal baby had actually been named Prince luigi Arthur Charles.

He had actually his christening in July 2018, and also it to be the an initial time the totality family stepped out together. 

Prince louis lousmam.orged adorable in his christening image (Image: Matt Porteous)

They to visit the ceremony in ~ a private ceremony in St James's Palace.

Princess Charlotte and also Prince George lousmam.orged on when Kate Middleton proudly verified off the small tot. 

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