Come rest bourbon through us under in heavenly Hye, TX at Garrison brothers Distillery, residence of the an initial bourbon distillery outside of Kentucky. Like everything in the Lone Star State, our desires were big from the start. We didn’t want to do just any type of bourbon – we want to do the best bourbon whiskey ~ above the planet.Meet our Babies


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Chef Pairing Dinner at Katz 21 Steak & Spirits with Sims Holliday and Samantha OlveraKatz 21 Steak & Spirits5702 Spohn Dr. Body Christi Texas 78414 joined States

14oct6:00 pm9:00 pmChef Pairing Dinner at Katz 21 Steak & Spirits v Sims Holliday and Samantha Olvera

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Join Bourbon Evangelist center Holliday and Production Operator Samantha Olvera because that a night of fine bourbon and also fine food through our friends in ~ Katz 21

Join Bourbon Evangelist center Holliday and also Production Operator Samantha Olvera for a night of good bourbon and fine food v our friends in ~ Katz 21 Steak & Spirits.

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Sims and also Samantha will be acquisition guiding you with a complete 5-course meal crafted through the Katz 21 team. Follow me the way, they’ll teach you everything you must know around nosing and tasting fine bourbon whiskey, then y’all deserve to drink it however you’d like!
We’ll check out y’all in ~ 6 afternoon CDT top top October 14th at 5702 Spohn Drive, corpus Christi, Texas, 78414. Salud, and also be certain to inspect out the complete menu below.
Paired WithThe short article Office – Garrison Brothers solitary Barrel Texas straight Bourbon Whiskey, Fig preserves & Lemon Juice
-Course Two-Brown sugar Roasted Pear Salad -Mixed Greens, Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Crumbles, Pomegranate Seeds, Brown sugar Candied Walnuts & Champagne Vinaigrette
-Course Three-Chili Rubbed Pork Tenderloin – Raspberry Chipotle Sauce & Whipped Sweet Potatoes v Tasso Ham

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Join us at the Garrison brothers Distillery top top October 16th to celebrate all of those amazing folks who helped out when the Lone Star State

Join united state at the Garrison brothers Distillery on October 16th come celebrate every one of those amazing folks who assisted out once the Lone Star State essential them the most.

After 4 years of baking in the Texas heat, our Hurricane difficult bourbon is prepared to be released into the world. Every one of y’all who donated ago in 2017 will have the ability to pick increase your party of Hurricane Tough, and also we can’t wait because that y’all to shot it. We will also have limited-edition menu items at the Whiskey Shack, live music, a barrel auction, and much more!

And while every one of the Hurricane tough bottles are already allocated to donors, guests that did not donate earlier in 2017 will still have a chance to purchase a limited-edition operation of double-dipped Team Rubicon solitary Barrel, v a part of the proceeds going come Team Rubicon and also their ongoing relief efforts.

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Thank you every for your continued support, and we look front to seeing y’all at the ranch in ~ 10 to be on October 16th!

For those of y’all who might not have actually heard the tale of Hurricane Tough, this is the story:

Back in 2017, our ar was rocked through the terrible effects of Hurricane Harvey, with thousands of people left without shelter or supplies.On the day the storm slammed right into the coast, Donnis and the manufacturing team had filled up 9 barrels of bourbon. So, we made the decision to placed these barrels to great use, with everyone who was able to donate to Team Rubicon and good Bourbon because that A good Cause being guarantee a party from those barrels once they to be ripe and ready to go.

Now, ~ 4 years, we’re able come celebrate the generosity of therefore many an excellent folks through this one-of-a-kind release event. Party of Hurricane challenging will only be accessible for those who donated ago in 2017!

As all of the Hurricane tough bottles are already allocated to donors, we execute NOT introduce lining increase on the road outside the ranch because that this one. Simply come on through whenever you can!