, Tennessee, Usa is in ~ 36°14"N, 86°32"W, 173 m (568 ft). Check out, Tennessee has actually a humid subtropical climate that is mild v no dried season, constantly moist (year-round rainfall). Summers are hot and also muggy with thunderstorms. Winters space mild through precipitation from mid-latitude cyclones. Seasonality is moderate. (Köppen-Geiger classification: Cfa).According come the Holdridge life zones system of bioclimatic group, Tennessee is located in or close to the warm temperate moist forest biome. The annual mean temperature is 15.1 levels Celsius (59.2 levels Fahrenheit). Watch the temperatures web page for a monthly breakdown and the fixed scale graph. median monthly temperatures vary by 24 °C (43.2°F). This shows that the continentality type is continental, subtype subcontinental.
In the winter time records suggest temperatures through day reach 9.4°C (48.9°F) on median falling to -1.6°C (29.1°F) overnight.In spring time temperature climb reaching 21.3°C (70.3°F) generally in the afternoon through overnight lows of 8.7°C (47.7°F).During summer median high temperatures are 31.2°C (88.1°F) and also average short temperatures space 19.5°C (67.1°F).Come autumn/ autumn temperatures diminish achieving mean highs the 22.1°C (71.8°F) throughout the day and also lows that 9.8°C (49.7°F) usually shortly ~ sunrise. Total yearly Precipitation averages 1201.4 mm (47.3 inches) i beg your pardon is equivalent to 1201.4 Litres/m² (29.47 Gallons/ft²).On typical there room 2601 hrs of sunshine per year. Visit the sunshine and also daylight section to check monthly details including just how high in the skies the sun reaches each month. To be you come burrow down with the centre of the planet from, Tennessee you would pop increase nearest come the climate station at Amsterdam Island, French southerly Lands wherein you would find a maritime west coastline climate

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Average Max Temperature °C ( °F)8 (46)10 (51)16 (61)22 (71)26 (79)30 (87)32 (89)31 (88)28 (83)23 (73)16 (60)10 (50) 21 (70)
Average Temperature °C ( °F)2 (36)5 (40)10 (50)15 (59)20 (68)24 (76)26 (79)26 (78)22 (72)16 (60)10 (50)5 (40) 15 (59)
Average Min Temperature °C ( °F)-3 (26)-1 (30)4 (39)9 (47)14 (57)18 (65)21 (69)20 (68)16 (61)9 (48)4 (40)-1 (31)9 (48)
Average Precipitation mm (in)91 (4)97 (4)123 (5)111 (4)124 (5)91 (4)101 (4)88 (3)88 (3)67 (3)105 (4)117 (5)1201 (47)
Number the Wet job (probability that rain ~ above a work %)11 (35)10 (35)11 (35)9 (30)9 (29)9 (30)9 (29)8 (26)7 (23)6 (19)8 (27)10 (32) 107 (29)
Average sunlight Hours/ Day3h 32"4h 57"6h 07"7h 44"8h 11"10h 10"9h 38"9h 21"8h 16"7h 13"5h 50"4h 19"7h 07"
Average Daylight Hours/ Day9h 59"10h 48"11h 54"13h 05"14h 04"14h 34"14h 21"13h 30"12h 22"11h 11"10h 12"9h 44" 12h 00"
Percentage of clear (Cloudy) Daylight Hours36 (64)47 (53)52 (48)60 (40)59 (41)70 (30)68 (32)70 (30)68 (32)65 (35)58 (42)45 (55) 59 (41)

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