How go the urgent screen best reflect the ideas of the Japanese people?

Which sentence finest describes how this folding screen reflects the ideas of the Japanese people? It reflects the Buddhist concept of life’s changing nature. It has symbols and gestures important to Hindu beliefs.

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Which characteristic best describes Chinese brush paints quizlet?

Fine Art. I beg your pardon characteristic finest describes Chinese brush paintings? castle depict idealized depictions of the person form. Castle include small touches of gold repaint to add decorative detail.

What convention did Chinese artist Shen Zhou use in his paint?

1. The option that is a convention Chinese artist Shen Zhou provided in his brush paints is He used only black ink come emphasize expressive brushstrokes. Her answer is right.

What walk Gothic artist hope to accomplish in their paintings?

What go Gothic artists expect to accomplish in your paintings? They wanted to communicate a spiritual message.

Which is a differentiating characteristic that Fauve paintings?

A separating characteristic of Fauve paints is that they have bright colors and simplified forms.

What is a differentiating characteristic of early Renaissance art?

one differentiating characteristic of early on renaissance art is the use of naturalism.

What conventions the Fauvism does the Red Room?

How go Henri Matisse use conventions that Fauvism in The Red Room? Matisse used as whole decorative-patterning and also created a flattened feeling of space. Just how did Cubist artists such together Pablo Picasso incorporate a characteristic of Paul Cézanne’s paintings into their work? They diminished objects to their simplest forms.

What is a function of nohoch MUUL Temple?

Nohoch Mul is the key structure in ~ Cobá and from wherein the Cobá-Yaxuná causeway leaves. This network of stone causeways functions upright sculpted and also engraved stones called stelae that record the background of Mesoamerican people from as far earlier as A.D. 600.

What go Gothic median in art?

Gothic art, the painting, sculpture, and architecture properties of the 2nd of two great international periods that grew in west and central Europe during the center Ages. Gothic art advanced from Romanesque art and also lasted native the mid-12th century to together late as the finish of the 16th century in some areas.

What are the three main characteristics of Fauvism?


Use the colour for its own sake, as a viable finish in art.Rich surface ar texture, through awareness of the paint.Spontaneity – lines drawn on canvas, and suggested by texture of paint.Use that clashing (primary) colours, playing with values and also intensities.

What are the two main characteristic of Fauvist painting?

The characteristics of Fauvism include: A radical use of unnatural colors the separated shade from its usual representational and also realistic role, giving new, emotional definition to the colors. Producing a strong, unified work that appears flat on the canvas.

Which is Chinese artist Shen Zhou supplied in his brush paintings?

Which that the adhering to is a convention Chinese artist Shen Zhou provided in his brush paintings? which sentence best describes exactly how art in Buddhist cave temples follow me the Silk Road reflects the ideas of the Chinese people? The temples noted retreats for monks and temples because that travelers come worship.

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How room the sit Buddha in China and the Indian sculpture Shiva Nataraja similar?

In what method are the sit Buddha in China and the Indian sculpture Shiva Nataraja similar? i m sorry of the following statements defines a difference in between the Maya sculpture of lord Pacal and also Yoruba sculpture of one oni?

Which is the finest sentence for Shen Zhou?

Shen Zhou painted with different kinds of brushstrokes and also only one shade of ink. Which sentence best describes exactly how art in Buddhist cave temples along the Silk Road mirrors the beliefs of the Chinese people? The cavern temples were built as religious shrines and retreats for travelers and also monks.

Which is the finest description of the objective of wall surface paintings in Egyptian tombs?

What type of relief carvings are on the columns that the Hypostyle hall in the great Temple that Amun in ~ Karnak? i beg your pardon of the adhering to is the best description that a convention that Egyptian artists used in funerary sculptures? i beg your pardon statement ideal describes the objective of wall paintings in Egyptian tombs?