CCNA 1 ITN Practice last Exam Answers 2019

Cisco CCNA 1 ITN v6.0 Practice last Exam answers Routing and Switching (R&S) development to Networks (ITN) (Version 6.00) collection year 2017, 2018 and 2019 full 100%. CCNA 1 has actually been recognize as ITN. The complying with are the inquiries exam answers. Insurance Passed 100%. CCNA 1 v6.0 Practice final exam answers has actually some brand-new update indigenous the old variation 5.1. You deserve to review every Practice last Exam Answers. You will obtain passed score 100% through this variation 6.0. Good Luck because that Cisco Netacad ITN v6.0 Exam!

Which term refers to a network that gives secure access to the corporate workplaces by suppliers, customers and also collaborators?


The term net refers to the global collection of associated networks. Intranet refers to a private connection of LANs and also WANS that belong to an organization and also is designed to be available to the members the the organization, employees, or others through authorization.​ Extranets provide secure and also safe access to ​suppliers, customers, and collaborators. Extendednet is no a type of network.

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A little business user is looking for an ISP connection that provides high rate digital transmission over consistent phone lines. What ISP connection form should be used?

DSLdial-upsatellitecell modemcable modem

Refer come the exhibit. One administrator is trying to configure the switch however receives the error post that is displayed in the exhibit. What is the problem?

Cisco ITN CCNA 1 v6.0 Practice last Exam answer R&S 2018 2019 002


Telnet accesses a network machine through the virtual interface configured through the line VTY command. The password configured under this is required to access the user EXEC mode. The password configured under the line console 0 command is compelled to obtain entry with the console port, and also the allow and enable an enig passwords are offered to enable entry into the privileged EXEC mode.

A network administrator beginning the company password-encryption command right into the configuration mode of a router. What does this command accomplish?

This command encrypts passwords as they room transmitted throughout serial WAN links.This command stays clear of someone native viewing the running configuration passwords. This command permits a solid encryption algorithm because that the enable an enig password command.This command instantly encrypts passwords in configuration files that are right now stored in NVRAM.This command offers an exclude, encrypted password because that external organization personnel who are forced to do router maintenance.

What is the purpose of the SVI ~ above a Cisco switch?

The SVI offers a physical interface for remote access to the switch.The SVI provides a faster an approach for switching traffic between ports on the switch.The SVI add to Layer 4 connectivity between VLANs.The SVI gives a virtual user interface for remote access to the switch.

The SVI is a virtual, no physical, user interface that provides remote access to the switch. It does not impact Layer 4 nor does it enhance switching in between switch ports on the switch.

Which message shipment option is used when all devices need to obtain the same article simultaneously?


When all devices need to get the same blog post simultaneously, the blog post would be delivered as a broadcast. Unicast delivery occurs when one source host sends a message to one location host. The sending of the same blog post from a hold to a team of destination hosts is multicast delivery. Duplex interactions refers come the capacity of the tool to bring messages in both directions.

Which two protocols duty at the web layer? (Choose two.)


ICMP and also IP both role at the net layer, whereas PPP is a network access layer protocol, and POP and also BOOTP space application class protocols.

What PDU is connected with the move layer?

segment packetframebits

The PDU for the deliver layer is referred to as a segment. Packets, frames, and bits are PDUs because that the network, data link, and physical great respectively.

What is done to an IP packet prior to it is transmitted end the physical medium?

It is tagged with details guaranteeing reputable delivery.It is segmented into smaller separation, personal, instance pieces.It is encapsulated right into a TCP segment.It is encapsulated in a class 2 frame.

When message are sent out on a network, the encapsulation process works indigenous the peak of the OSI or TCP/IP version to the bottom. At each layer the the model, the upper layer details is encapsulated into the data field of the following protocol. Because that example, before an IP packet have the right to be sent, it is encapsulated in a data link frame in ~ Layer 2 so that it have the right to be sent over the physics medium.

What kind of communication medium is used with a wireless LAN connection?

fiberradio tide microwaveUTP

A wired LAN connection typically uses UTP. A wireless LAN connection uses radio waves.

In enhancement to the cable length, what two factors could interfere with the communication brought over UTP cables? (Choose two.)

crosstalkbandwidthsize the the networksignal modulation techniqueelectromagnetic interference

Copper media is widely offered in network communications. However, copper media is restricted by distance and signal interference. Data is sent ~ above copper cables as electric pulses. The electrical pulses space susceptible come interference from 2 sources:

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) – EMI and RFI signals have the right to distort and corrupt the data signal being brought by copper media.Crosstalk – Crosstalk is a disturbance resulted in by the electrical or magnetic fields of a signal on one wire interfering with the signal in an surrounding wire.

What space the two sublayers that the OSI model data connect layer? (Choose two.)

internetphysicalLLCtransportMACnetwork access

The data attach layer that the OSI model is split into two sublayers: the Media access Control (MAC) sublayer and also the Logical connect Control (LLC) sublayer.

A technician has been asked to build a physics topology because that a network that gives a high level that redundancy. Which physics topology needs that every node is attached to every various other node ~ above the network?


The mesh topology offers high availability because every node is connected to all other nodes. Mesh topologies have the right to be discovered in WANs. A partial mesh topology can additionally be supplied where some, but not all, finish points connect to one another.

What type of communication rule would finest describe CSMA/CD?

access technique flow controlmessage encapsulationmessage encoding

Carrier sense multiple access collision detection (CSMA/CD) is the access technique used v Ethernet. The access an approach rule of interaction dictates just how a network an equipment is able to place a signal top top the carrier. CSMA/CD dictates those rule on one Ethernet network and also CSMA/CA dictates those rule on an 802.11 wireless LAN.

If data is being sent out over a wireless network, then connects to an Ethernet network, and eventually connects to a DSL connection, i beg your pardon header will be replaced each time the data travels through a network facilities device?

Layer 3data link physicalLayer 4

Because every data connect layer protocol controls how the maker accesses the media, the data attach information have to be removed and re-attached. Also if a packet is going native one Ethernet network to an additional Ethernet network, the data connect layer information is replaced.

What best describes the location IPv4 address that is supplied by multicasting?

a single IP multicast resolve that is supplied by all destinations in a group an IP address that is unique for each destination in the groupa group deal with that share the last 23 bits through the source IPv4 addressa 48 bit address that is figured out by the number of members in the multicast group

The location multicast IPv4 resolve is a group address, which is a solitary IP multicast deal with within the course D range.

In an Ethernet network, once a device receives a structure of 1200 bytes, what will it do?

drop the frameprocess the framework as it is send one error article to the sending deviceadd random data bytes to do the structure 1518 bytes long and also then forward it

Ethernet standards specify the minimum framework as 64 bytes and also a best of 1518 bytes. A structure less 보다 64 bytes is thought about a “collision fragment” or “runt frame” and also is immediately discarded through receiving devices. A framework greater than 1500 is taken into consideration a “baby giant”. A 1200 byte structure is within the normal range so it would be processed together is.

What essential information is check in the Ethernet framework header by a great 2 machine in bespeak to front the data onward?

source MAC addresssource IP addressdestination MAC resolve Ethernet typedestination IP address

The layer 2 device, such together a switch, supplies the location MAC resolve to determine which route (interface or port) need to be provided to send the data onward come the destination device.

What will a great 2 switch do as soon as the destination MAC address of a received structure is not in the MAC table?

It initiates an ARP request.It broadcasts the frame out of all ports top top the switch.It informs the sending host that the frame cannot it is in delivered.It forwards the framework out of all ports except for the port at which the structure was received.

A class 2 move determines how to take care of incoming frames by using its MAC resolve table. Once an just arrived frame has a destination MAC deal with that is not in the table, the switch forwards the structure out all ports, other than for the harbor on which it was received.

What are two attributes of ARP? (Choose two.)

If a hold is ready to send a packet to a regional destination an equipment and it has actually the IP resolve but not the MAC address of the destination, that generates an ARP broadcast. One ARP inquiry is sent to all devices on the Ethernet LAN and also contains the IP address of the location host and also its multicast MAC address.When a organize is encapsulating a packet right into a frame, it refers to the MAC resolve table to identify the mapping that IP addresses to MAC addresses.If no an equipment responds come the ARP request, climate the originating node will certainly broadcast the data packet to all tools on the network segment.If a maker receiving an ARP request has the location IPv4 address, the responds with an ARP reply.

When a node encapsulates a data packet into a frame, it needs the location MAC address. First it identify if the destination device is on the local network or top top a remote network. Climate it checks the ARP table (not the MAC table) to watch if a pair the IP resolve and MAC address exists for either the destination IP attend to (if the location host is on the local network) or the default gateway IP attend to (if the destination host is on a remote network). If the enhance does no exist, the generates an ARP transfer to seek the IP deal with to MAC attend to resolution. Because the location MAC resolve is unknown, the ARP request is broadcast v the MAC attend to FFFF.FFFF.FFFF. Either the destination an equipment or the default gateway will respond through its MAC address, which permits the sending node to assemble the frame. If no maker responds come the ARP request, climate the originating node will discard the packet due to the fact that a frame cannot it is in created.

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Which two solutions are required to allow a computer system to obtain dynamic IP addresses and access the web using domain names? (Choose two.)


What is a basic characteristic that the IP protocol?

connectionlessmedia dependentuser data segmentationreliable end-to-end delivery

Internet Protocol (IP) is a network class protocol that does not call for initial exchange of manage information to develop an end-to-end connection prior to packets room forwarded. Thus, IP is connectionless and does not administer reliable end-to-end delivery by itself. IP is media independent. User data segmentation is a service provided at the transport layer.

Refer come the exhibit. A user concerns the command netstat –r on a workstation. I beg your pardon IPv6 attend to is one of the link-local addresses that the workstation?